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Find out more about our successful student ambassador scheme and how you can get involved.

The Partnership Development Office is active in a range of local educational partnerships that support engagement with higher education.  In particular, the office is responsible for developing and maintaining formal partnerships with:

  • Partner colleges in Kent and Medway
  • Partner schools in Kent and Medway
  • Sponsorship of Brompton Academy and co-sponsorship of Longfield Academy
  • Community and family learning groups

Our teaching staff develop curriculum to support progression to higher education, which is delivered in partnership with academic departments and also with the support of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Office organises all aspects of the University’s ambassador scheme which in addition to providing a vibrant outreach programme to schools and colleges, also contributes to the high quality student experience at the University.  As one student commented recently: “It is by far the most rewarding and satisfying experience available at University.”

The Partnership Development Officers link the University’s three faculties (with their constituent academic schools), the University’s central administrative offices, the University Partner Colleges and other potential partners.  The University’s Partner Colleges are Canterbury College, West Kent and Ashford College and MidKent College. The development officers manage specific projects relating to University, school or college priorities and are responsible for strengthening communication and collaboration between partners and the development of new partnership initiatives.

Key activities

  • Support staff and students in the Partner Colleges with information, practical help, curriculum development support and staff development. 
  • Responsible for the induction of new Kent students based at the colleges
  • Development and delivery of progression activities within the colleges as part of the University’s School and Partner College programme
  • Work closely with partner schools subject specialists and University academic staff to develop subject based activities for schools in the Kent and Medway area.  These include sessions in schools as well as events on the Canterbury and Medway campuses including
    • World Languages Days
    • Science Extravaganza
    • Equilibrium (Social Sciences)
    • Robotics Day
    • LegoLeague.

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