Dr Emmy Bocaege received her PhD from University College London in 2015 researching childhood growth at the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. Before coming to the University of Kent, she conducted research at the Royal College of Surgeons and was an Initiative d’Excellence (IDEX) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at PACEA, University of Bordeaux (France). 

Dr Bocaege has participated in field excavations at archaeological sites in Turkey, Jordan, Greece and Spain. Her current research interests include:

  • modern human skeletal and dental variability
  • biocultural interactions during the transition to agriculture
  • 3D imaging and histological techniques applied to dental anthropology.

At the University of Kent, Emmy will be working as a British Academy postdoctoral fellow, looking at the growth mechanisms that facilitated dental reduction during the development from a hunter-gatherer to a farming lifestyle in the Epipalaeolithic-Neolithic Near East.

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