Dr Takahiro Kubo focuses on the economics and behaviour change concerning biodiversity conservation and wildlife and tourism management. Takahiro obtained his BSc and MSc from Hokkaido University, Japan (2010, 2012) and completed his PhD in Natural Resource Economics at Kyoto University in 2015, developing economic valuation approaches for wildlife and protected area management. During his PhD, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology (REES) at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Takahiro is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Anthropology and Conservation, funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), working on the project Promotion of biodiversity conservation through changes in human behaviour: Field experiments for policy evaluations in collaboration with Professor Douglas MacMillan. Dr Kubo is also a researcher at the Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan.

Research interests

Takahiro has expertise in the economic valuation of ecosystem services and behaviour change to address sustainability challenges, including climate change, biodiversity conservation, environmental degradation and resource scarcity. He is also interested in the incorporation of broad scientific knowledge into economic analysis and interdisciplinary approaches in conservation.

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