Hegel, Marx and Dialectic: A Debate


A lively and provocative debate on the nature of Hegelian and Marxist dialectic and the relation between them.

A direct and explicit definition of dialectic is given and by sustained debate the dialectical idea of the fruitfulness of contradiction is exemplified in practice.

The authors relate their accounts of dialectic both to recent discussion in the Marxist tradition (Sartre, Colletti, Althusser) and to work in the analytical tradition of philosophy, thus initiating a dialogue between two as yet hardly related philosophical traditions.

The clarity and directness of this collection, and its complete avoidance of dogmatism, make it an invaluable work for anyone interested in the fundamental questions of philosophy.

Table of Contents


Essay 1: On the Marxist Dialectic - Sean Sayers

Essay 2: On the Heglian Origins - Richard Norman

Essay 3: The Problem of Contradiction - Richard Norman

Essay 4: Dualism, Materialism and Dialectics - Sean Sayers

Essay 5: Dialectical Concepts and their Application to Nature - Richard Norman


Publication Details:
Brighton: The Harvester Press, and Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1980 (ISBN 0 85527 856 0 hb, 0 85527 448 4 pb) (out of print)

Aldershot and Brookfield VT: Gregg Revivals, 1994 (ISBN 0 7512 0219 3)

Korean translation Sang-Heon Ahn, 1990

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