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Sophia has a PhD and a Masters in Cultural Heritage Studies from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UK) and graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences in Grenoble (France). Since 2001, she has worked for a number of regional and international organisations. For UNESCO, she has worked in the Secretariat of the 1972 World Heritage Convention and the 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention and participated in the strategic planning and drafting of the 2009 UNESCO World Report on Cultural Diversity and has acted as the Associate Editor of the International Social Science Journal. In parallel, she has been an active researcher on topics ranging from migration museums to heritage regeneration or culture and development. For her research she has received a number of scholarships and awards, including a Getty Conservation Guest Scholarship (2006-2007); the 2008 Cultural Policy Research Award as well as an International Senior Fellowship from Durham University in 2012. She was also an invited fellow at Stanford University in 2011.

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Consultancy and position papers

  • Labadi, S. 2013. Culture and Social cohesion. Position paper drafted for discussion at the May 2013 UNESCO International Congress 'Culture: Key to Sustainable Development' in Hangzhou (China)
  • Rojas, E. and Labadi, S. 2012. Heritage Management and Development for Social Inclusion and Economic Development. The World Bank Guidance Note. Unpublished document
  • Labadi, S. 2009. Literature review of indicators of culture and development. Unpublished report submitted to UNESCO
  • Labadi, S. 2008. Chapter 1. Cultural diversity in a globalising world. Unpublished document submitted as part of the UNESCO World Report on cultural diversity
  • Labadi, S. 2008. Chapter 8. Cultural diversity and governance. Unpublished document submitted as part of the UNESCO World Report on cultural diversity
  • ICOMOS. 2003. Analysis of the World Heritage List and Tentative Lists: Cultural and Mixed Properties. A study carried out by ICOMOS at the request of the World Heritage Committee. Chapter 1. (Main co-author of this report with Professor Henry Cleere)


  • Labadi, S. in press. The National Museum of the Immigration History (Paris; France): neo-colonialist representations, silencing, and re-appropriation. Journal of Social Archaeology
  • Labadi, S. 2013. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Convention. Encyclopaedia of Global Archaeology. Springer.
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  • Labadi, S. 2009. Le patrimoine culturel, facteur d'insertion sociale des jeunes des zones sensibles. Dans ESPOIR N°156
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  • Labadi, S. 2008. Lieux de culture, inclusion et cohésion sociale. Unpublished report written for the Charles de Gaulle Foundation
  • Labadi, S. 2008. Review of ‘Managing heritage and Cultural Tourism Resources. Critical Essays, Volume One’; edited by Dallen J. Timothy. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change (Volume 5, number 8)
  • Labadi, S. 2007. Representations of the nation and cultural diversity in discourses on World Heritage. Journal of Social Archaeology, 7.2
  • Labadi, S. 2005. A review of the Global Strategy for a Balanced, Representative and Credible World Heritage List 1994-2004. Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 7.2
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Academic Areas: International heritage and cultural diplomacy; heritage and development; heritage and democracy.

Heritage and development is a topic Sophia became involve in after winning the 2008 Cultural Policy Research Award. This award financed her research on evaluating the socio-economic impacts of selected regenerated heritage sites in Europe (see
Since then, she has conducted research and drafted reports for both UNESCO (on indicators of culture and development) and the World Bank (guiding governments on using heritage for development). In January 2013, she took part in the evaluation of the European Union’s funded programme Euromed Heritage IV, and presented cases of heritage-led regeneration.

International heritage and cultural diplomacy was the subject of Sophia’s PhD. Her forthcoming book ‘UNESCO, Cultural Heritage, and outstanding universal value’ analyses the implementation of the 1975 World Heritage and 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Conventions. This volume analyses how these conventions relate to the representation of the nation, of diversity, of tourism and conservation theories. This volume benefited from active involvement in the work of the secretariat of the World Heritage Convention and of the Intangible Heritage Convention and active participation in major UNESCO publications over the past ten years.

Heritage and Democracy is a recent subject Sophia became interested as a result of the work she undertook for the 2009 UNESCO Report on Cultural Diversity. Since then, she has conducted research on immigration museums in Europe and how they relate to migrants’ communities.

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