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Professor Michael Fischer

Professor of Anthropological Sciences

Representation and structure of indigenous knowledge; cultural informatics; ideation and the material contexts of its expression.


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Michael D. Fischer is an anthropologist who has worked mainly in the Punjab and Swat in Pakistan, and the Cook Islands. His major interests are in the representation and structure of indigenous knowledge, cultural informatics, and the interrelationships between ideation and the material contexts within which ideation is expressed.

Mike is Professor of Anthropological Sciences in the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent.

He has received grants from the ESRC, AHRB, SERC, MRC, HEFCE, JISC, Leverhulme and Nuffield on topics including ethnography of Pakistan and the Cook Islands, formal analysis, multi-media databases, coding methods, virtual reality, performance and large scale networked databases, historical anthropology, and textual markup

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Book section
Fischer, M., Lyon, S. and Zeitlyn, D. (2017). Online Environments and the Future of Social Science Research. in: Fielding, N., Lee, R. M. and Blank, G. eds. The Sage handbook of online research methods. London UK and Beverly Hills USA: Sage, pp. 611-627.
Ember, C. and Fischer, M. (2017). Using eHRAF World Cultures with other cross-cultural samples. in: White, D. ed. Wiley Cross-cultural Research Companion. NY USA: Wiley-Blackwell.
Read, D., Fischer, M. and Lehmann, F. (2014). Les bases culturelles de la parenté: un changement de paradigme. L'Homme 2014:63-89.
Read, D., Fischer, M. and Lehman, F. (2014). The Cultural Grounding of Kinship: A Paradigm Shift. L'Homme [Online] 2:63-89. Available at:
Read, D., Fischer, M. and Leaf, M. (2013). What Are Kinship Terminologies, and Why Do We Care? A Computational Approach to Analyzing Symbolic Domains. Social Science Computer Review [Online] 31:16-44. Available at:
Conference or workshop item
Applin, S. and Fischer, M. (2016). Exploring Cooperation with Social Machines. in: World Wide Web Conference 2016. International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee. Available at:
Applin, S. and Fischer, M. (2016). Cooperating with Algorithms in the Workplace. in: Algorithms at Work Workshop at CSCW 2016. San Francisco USA: ACM.
Applin, S. and Fischer, M. (2015). New Technologies and Mixed-Use Convergence How Humans and Algorithms are Adapting to Each Other. in: IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society. Dublin: IEEE. 2015. IEEE. Available at:
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Programme convenor of MA in Social Anthropology & Computing and teaching the following modules:

BA modules

SE307: Thinkers and Theories (convenor)

SE308: Skills for Anthropology and Conservation

SE587: Ethnographies 2

SE594: Anthropology and Development

SE595: Social Computing

MA modules

SE806: Research Methods in Social Anthropology 2

SE861: The Ethnography of Central Asian Societies

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