Master plan consultation


Concept Masterplan

In 2016, we published our Concept Masterplan containing ideas on how best to develop the campus over the next 30-50 years.

A public consultation on that concept took place from July to September 2016 and involved residents, parish councils, amenity groups, university staff and Canterbury City Council. We learned a lot during the consultation and published the results in a Concept Masterplan Consultation Statement in April 2017.

Step 1 - Strategic Vision

We completed Step 1, the Strategic Spatial Vision stage, in early summer 2017 and carried out further public consultation in June and July 2017. Again, we learned a great deal from the comments and feedback that we received during that process, which was summarised in the Step 1 Consultation Statement published in November 2017.

Step 2 - Framework Masterplan

We are currently developing a Framework Masterplan, which will provide a framework for the future evolution of the campus to best meet the needs of the University and of the wider city and region. It details the framework within which we will make decisions on the future development of our estate in the short-term (2018 to 2021) and medium-term (2021 to 2031), covering the period defined within the Canterbury District Local Plan. This is the penultimate stage in the creation of a Framework Masterplan to be presented to Canterbury City Council for their endorsement.

Consultation on the Framework Masterplan is taking place in October and November 2018, providing an opportunity for members of the public to provide feedback on the document before we submit it to the council.

All feedback must be received by 26 October 2018. We will publish this feedback in a Consultation Statement in November 2018 and your views will help inform the shape of the final Framework Masterplan document that we present to Canterbury City Council.

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