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The groups below assess and report on the services provided to users. They are made up of key users and experts in various areas of our work, and meet regularly to help direct policy and new developments.

Information Services Board (ISB)

ISB is a University Senate Board dealing with all University of Kent matters concerning information resources, IT and audio-visual services. The IT User Panel and the Library User Panel (below), report to the Information Services Board.

IT User Panel (ITUP)

ITUP evaluates all IT and computing services and informs the Information Services Board (ISB) and the Director of Information Services on the needs of all users.

Library User Panel (LUP)

LUP is a body that informs the ISB and the Director of Information Services on the needs of all Library users.

Academic Library Representative Committees

Each faculty has an Academic Library Representatives Committee which meets termly or twice a year. It is chaired by the Dean or an Associate Dean. The committees inform on the needs of Library users at School and Faculty level, and provide a key route for communication and liaison. They report to LUP.

Publications Advisory Board (PAB)

PAB is a forum to guide the strategy of Open Access publishing at Kent.


Information Services, University of Kent

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Last Updated: 05/04/2016