Subcontracting Statement

The University of Kent is committed to delivering high quality apprenticeship provision to meet the needs of the Apprentice and the Employer. The delivery of the higher or degree apprenticeship courses will be carried out by the University, except in the limited instances outlined below.

Subcontracting Clinical Placement Activity

The Level 6 Clinical Trials Specialist Apprenticeship is delivered alongside Clinical Professionals Ltd. Clinical Professionals Ltd are responsible for the delivery of modules LABS613 and LABS614 and provide support with LABS415.

Up to £2,850 of the total negotiated price may be spent on eligible training costs. The University of Kent enters a subcontracting relationship with Clinical Professionals to deliver eligible clinical training.  

The use of the Clinical Professionals Ltd. as a subcontractor to deliver clinical training activity within the Clinical Trials Specialist Apprenticeship course compliments the delivery by the University, enhances the opportunities available to Apprentices and provides expert provision.

The use of subcontractors in the limited instances described above are agreed by the University and the Employer at the start of an apprenticeship where applicable. The University only enters into a subcontracting relationship with a subcontractor for apprenticeship provision when they are eligible to receive apprenticeship funding, as outlined in the ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Rules. All subcontractors have a contractual relationship with the University and are required to undergo rigorous quality assurance processes and remain compliant with the ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Rules. A designated member of staff in Digital and Lifelong Learning (the department which delivers the Clinical Trial Specialist apprenticeship) acts as a subcontractor liaison officer to support these quality assurance and monitoring processes.

Subcontracting Management Fees

The University of Kent does not charge a management fee when subcontracting apprenticeship training provision.

Further Guidance

Please contact Global and Lifelong Learning if you have any queries on apprenticeship subcontracting.

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