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Book Chapters

Lowry, S. C., Fitzsimmons, A., Lamy, P. and Weissman, P. R. (2008) Kuiper-Belt Objects in the Planetary Region: The Jupiter Family Comets. In The Solar System Beyond Neptune book (Eds., Barucci, A., Boehnhardt, H., Cruikshank, D. and Morbidelli, A.).  University of Arizona Press Space Science Series, p.397-410.

Weissman, P. R., Asphaug, E. and Lowry, S. C. (2005). Structure and density of cometary nuclei, Comets II book (Eds., M.C. Festou, M.C., Keller H.U., and Weaver H.A.), University of Arizona Space Science Series,  p.337-357.


Recent Articles

Hsieh et al. (2012). Discovery of Main-belt Comet P/2006 VW139 by Pan-STARRS1. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 748, Issue 1, L15 (7pp).

Duddy, S., Lowry, S. C., Wolters, S., Christou, A., Weissman, P., Green, S., and Rozitis, B. (2012). Physical and Dynamical Characterisation of the Unbound Asteroid Pair 7343-154634.  Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 539, A36 (11pp).

Bertini, I., et al.  (2012). (21) Lutetia search for satellites with OSIRIS images. Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Accepted by Journal.

Wolters, S., Rozitis, B., Duddy, S., Lowry, S. C., Green, S., Snodgrass, C., Hainaut, O., and Weissman, P. (2011). Physical characterisation of low delta-V asteroid (175706) 1996 FG3. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 418, Issue 2, p.1246-1257.

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Also see:

Rubincam, D. P. and Paddack, S. J. (2007). As Tiny Worlds Turn. Science, Volume 316, p.211-212.

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Lamy, P., Toth, I., Davidsson, B., Grousin, O., Guiterrez, P., Kaasalainen, M. and Lowry, S. (2007). Portrait of the nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Target of the Rosetta mission, Space Science Reviews, Volume 128, p.23-66.


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