Productivity tools and assistive technology

The software below are examples of tools and apps that could save you time, make it easier to access study material and improve your productivity.

In development: digital productivity beta
You can find these tools plus a few extras on our digital productivity beta site.

  • ‘Beta’ means improvements are coming so please give feedback.
  • The new site isn't fully tab or screen reader friendly and therefore won't replace this site until it is fully accessible.



Free apps and help using accessibility features already on your device.

Text to speech and screen reading

For when you prefer to listen to your reading.

Voice recognition

Why type when you can dictate instead?


Tailor your reading experience by changing settings or using apps.

Time management and focus

Tools to help you get better organised.


Tools to check grammar, write clearly or use predictive text.

Images, video and audio

Convert images to text, text to audio and edit multimedia.

Planning, mind mapping, notes and meetings

From mind mapping to memory apps to managing your notes.


Apps to promote wellbeing.

About these tools and apps

  • To find software on University PCs: click the Start button (bottom left) and browse ‘All apps’, or search in Cortana.
  • If you are on a staff machine: click the Start button (bottom left) and search for 'Software Center' to select software to install.
  • If you install any software on your own machine, read each screen to make sure you don't get unwanted extras like browser toolbars.

Found a great app? Let us know so we can add it.

Help using software

Accessibility advice at Kent

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Student Support, University of Kent

The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 (0)1227 764000

Last Updated: 06/09/2018