Professor Janet Sayers

Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychology
Professor Janet Sayers


Janet is an Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychology.

Research interests

The focus of Janet's research is on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and biography.

Her current research is focused on the Bloomsbury psychoanalysts, Adrian and Karin Stephen.

Her previous research has resulted in the following books

  • Sigmund Freud: The Basics (2021)
  • Art, Psychoanalysis, and Adrian Stokes (2015)
  • Freud's Art: Psychoanalysis Retold (2007)
  • Divine Therapy: Love, Mysticism and Psychoanalysis (2003)
  • Kleinians: Psychoanalysis Inside Out (2000)
  • Boy Crazy: Remembering Adolescence (1998)
  • Freudian Tales (1997)
  • Mothering Psychoanalysis (1991)
  • Sexual Contradictions (1986)
  • Biological Politics (1982)


SP639 Psychoanalysis


Not currently available for PhD supervision  


Recent Publications

  • Online psychotherapy: Transference and countertransference issues. British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2021 (in press)
  • Outside-in: Art and psychoanalysis. American Imago, 2020, 77(4):809-815
  • Portrait of a Life by Roger Amos, British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2020, 36:515-517
  • Doing psychoanalytic training differently, the example of Virginia Woolf's brother, Adrian Stephen. Psychodynamic Practice, 2019, 25(3):273-283
  • Rebel psychoanalyst Adrian Stephen: Brother of Virginia Woolf. British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2018, 34(3):484-499
  • Psychoanalysing social issues: Robert Still and the Imago Group. Psychoanalysis & History, 2018, 20:191-203
  • Psychoanalysing Michelangelo. Psychodynamic Practice, 2016, 22:373-379
  • Adrian Stokes and the portrait of Melanie Klein. International Journal of Psychoanalysis 2015, 96:1013–1024
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