Joint statement on Tier 2 visas and the classification of students

Students and staff at the University have welcomed the Home Secretary’s recent announcement that he will take a ‘fresh look’ at the government’s immigration policy, including a review of the current policy on Tier 2 visas and the classification of students.

In a joint statement, the University of Kent, the University and College Union (UCU) and Kent Union said:

‘The University of Kent is proud of its diverse and multicultural community and of the contribution made by our international students and staff academically, socially and culturally.

‘We ask that the Home Secretary takes the opportunity to introduce an immigration policy which removes students from the net migration figures and introduce a more flexible approach to visa restrictions. International students benefit the economy and enrich the country.

‘We believe this would send a positive message to those considering coming to the UK to study, whilst acknowledging the contribution and importance of those already studying here.

‘We also ask that he reviews the policy on Tier 2 visas, recognising the essential contribution made by international staff to Britain’s universities. The UK’s universities are recognised as being the best in the world and need to be able to recruit the best teachers, researchers and administrators if we are to retain this position.’