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Toni joined the University of Kent in July 2007. She started her academic career at UCL and then worked at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University for several years. Toni has held visiting appointments at the University of Toronto and the University of Wisconsin -- Madison. In the early 1990s, Toni was appointed to a provincial Royal Commission in Canada that investigated systemic racism in the Ontario criminal justice system.

Research Areas:
Critical Commercial Law, Business Law and Regulation, Gender and Sexuality, Law and Political Economy


Toni's primary research interests concern regulation and governance of economic development and market relations and regulation of race/gender relations. She is currently working on several projects in the area of consumer financial services that critically interrogate the claims of new regulatory strategies to promote economic justice by acting on market accessibility, fairness and financial literacy. Toni has secondary research interests in the implications of information technology for the regulation of consumer markets and in racial/gender injustice in sentencing and other aspects of criminal justice administration.

Major research project

  • Financial consumer education and the regulation of women's decisions in managing household economies.
  • A case study Gender, financial exclusion and the regulation of financial consciousness.
  • A critical comparison of Canadian and UK policy discourse Regulatory innovation in consumer financial services markets.
  • A comparative study of law, gender and economic development Trust in virtue.
  • The implications for consumers of fairness regimes in the UK's financial services markets Access to Credit for tiny businesses, 2000-2004, funded by the National Financial Services Policy Program, Schulich School of Business, Toronto Canada.

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Williams, T. (2008). Of Grand Claims and Modest Effects: A Plea for Realism about the Role of Microcredit in Economic Development. Canadian Business Law Journal 47:130-144.
Book section
Williams, T. (2013). Continuity not rupture: the persistence of neoliberalism in the internationalisation of consumer finance regulation. in: Wilson, T. ed. International Responses to the Credit Crisis: Credit and Over-indebtedness,. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate. Available at:
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Williams, T. (2008). Intersectionality analysis in the sentencing of Aboriginal women in Canada: what difference does it make? in: Cooper, D. et al. eds. Intersectionality and Beyond: Law, Power and the Politics of Location. London: Routledge.
Research report (external)
Bedford, K. et al. (2016). The Bingo Project: Rethinking Gambling Regulation. [Online]. University of Kent. Available at:
Williams, T. (2018). All about that Place. Journal of Law and Social Policy.
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Teaching and Supervision


Graduate level teaching on Financial Services Regulation and Information Technology and Commercial Law.


Toni is happy to supervise graduate work in the areas of: Regulation and Governance of Consumer Financial Services Markets, International Financial Institutions, Economic Development under conditions of Neoliberal Globalization, Information Technology and E-commerce and the Governance and Regulation of Race/Gender Relations.

Currently Supervising

Suraweerage Nanayakkara: MPhil "Performers' rights in South Asia"

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Other Academic Activities

Editorial Work

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, Editorial Board Member (1989-2000) Feminist Legal Studies. Editorial board member (2007-).

Professional Societies

LSA, SLS, CLSA, International Association for Feminist Economics.

External Appointments

Commissioner, Ontario Commission on Systemic Racism 1992-1995.

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