Portrait of Nick Piška

Nick Piška

Senior Lecturer in Law
Chief Examiner (UG stage 2)
Member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Critical Thought
Co-founder of the Equity & Trusts Research Network


Nick Piška is a Senior Lecturer in Law. His work focuses on the theory, history and politics of equity and trusts law, and critical theories of private law and legal history. In 2012 Nick co-founded the Equity & Trusts Research Network which aims to bring scholars together who challenge the established and dominant modes of thought and analysis in equity and trusts and instead encourage scholarship which emphasises the political, economic, cultural and ethical aspects of equity. The Network has hosted a number of workshops since its inception, resulting in two special issues of the journal Pólemos, on equity and the resources of critique, and a collection of essays entitled Critical Trusts Law to be published in 2019.

Nick has published in the field of trusts law, property law, legal history, and legal theory. Before joining Kent Law School, Nick taught at LSE (2005-2009) and worked as a research assistant in the Property, Family and Trust Law Team at the Law Commission (2006-2009).

Research interests

Nick’s research pursues a critical engagement with private law, particularly in the area of equity and trusts. He is currently undertaking a project on the fate of equity in modern law and society. The project considers a number of equity's contributions to the legal architecture of capitalism, including the transformation of the trust and equity’s governance structures, and forms part of a broader interest in the figure of the equitable subject and the ways in which equitable subjects are produced. Nick is particularly interested in the transformation of injunctive relief. The injunction has been described as ‘the quintessential equitable remedy’, considered as one relatively benign remedy amongst others, and yet it is increasingly associated with new and intensified techniques of governance and control.

Nick is also currently working on a collection (with Dr Hayley Gibson) of essays on critical trusts law, revisiting the work of Professor Roger Cotterrell, to be published in 2019 by Counter Press.


Nick's teaching responsibilities span across Property, Land Law and Equity and Trusts at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.


Nick is happy to supervise projects relating to his research interests. 



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Book section

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