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Learning and Teaching Conference 2019

Location/ Date/ Time How do we design for and facilitate interaction and inclusivity?

Monday 17 June 2019


(9.00-9.30 registration & refreshments)

Darwin Conference Suite, Canterbury

Conference for University of Kent staff


Students’ interactions with the subject, their teachers, their peers and the wider world lie at the heart of the educational experience.  A recent study at Kent showed that students want and value opportunities to interact with their teachers and with diverse peers.  These interactions can help them understand and nurture their interest in the subject, see it from different perspectives, and connect what they are learning to the real world.  This conference explores how these interactions can be designed and facilitated to ensure they are educationally beneficial for all students. 

Teachers make dozens of decisions that affect interaction and inclusivity: What goes on the reading list? What questions do I ask students to prepare for a taught session?  What examples do I use to illustrate this concept? How do I respond to this comment or this behaviour during a discussion?  We will explore teachers’ judgments in these “discretionary spaces”, whether deliberated in advance or made on the fly in micro-moments during the heat of classroom exchanges. 







To print a copy of the programme with full details of presentations/workshops please see here.


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