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Dr Jane Wood

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Jane Wood


Research interests

  • Prison gang activity
  • Street gang formation and activity
  • Bullying in prison and schools
  • Public opinion of criminal justice

Key publications

  • Alleyne, E., & Wood, J., (in press). Gang involvement: Social and environmental factors. Crime Delinquency.
  • Wood, J.L., Alleyne, E., Mozova, K., & James, M. (in press). Predicting involvement in prison gang activity: Street gang membership, social and psychological factors. Law and Human Behavior.
  • Wood, J., & Alleyne, E. (2010). Street gang theory and research: Where are we now and where do we go from here? Aggression and Violent Behaviour, 15, 100-111.
  • Pornari, C. D., & Wood, J. (2010). Peer and Cyber Aggression in secondary school students: The role of moral disengagement, hostile attribution bias and outcome expectancies. Aggressive Behavior, 63, 81-94.


School of Psychology - Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP

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