Walking Taxi Service

The Walking Taxi service was first launched in 2000 and is here to help you feel safe and get home safely. Although it is a very safe environment, it is recognised that some people feel reassured by having company when walking on campus, particularly during the hours of darkness.

The service is available 24 hours a day and can be called upon via 01227 823300 (security control room).

You can always use the SafeZone app to 'check-in' with security and ask to be remotely monitored across campus if you prefer. The app is an excellent way to contact security should you feel alarmed in any way.

Security guards are on hand to assist all staff and students across the Canterbury campus, day or night. At your request a Security Officer will accompany you on your journey across campus to provide reassurance and to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

It is acknowledged that most requests will be during the hours of darkness but if you are feeling vulnerable or worried about walking around the campus at any time, call Campus Security for free advice and/or assistance.

There may be occasions when Security cannot respond immediately, either because of competing priorities such as emergencies or serious incidents on campus or lack of resources. When this occurs an estimated time will be given and you should either remain where you are in a safe environment or arrange to make the journey accompanied by others. A person feeling particularly vulnerable should not attempt to make the journey alone just because of an unacceptable waiting time.

Officers are easily identifiable and are in constant communication with the central Campus Security control room. They are all equipped with two-way radios, mobile phones and photographic IDs.

Please note, we are unable to accompany you outside of the University boundaries but can help you to book a taxi with one of the local firms.

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