Estates Department Core Values

Over the past few months staff have attended consultation sessions on the Estates Departments values - what should they be and what behaviours support them?

At the end of the consultation the following Departmental Values were agreed.

Customer Focused - We will put our customers first and deliver the best empathetic service we can with the resources we have available.

Honest - We will be honest with our staff and customers.

Ownership - We will take responsibility for our actions and behaviour and will not evade responsibility or pass it to someone else.

Inclusive - We will not exclude individuals from using our services or tolerate any discrimination in the workplace.

Competent - We will be professional, skilful, assured and polite in all our interactions.

Empowered - We feel empowered and have the confidence to solve problems, make decisions and take responsibility for our work.

Values govern the way that we interact with each other on a daily basis and recent research has demonstrated that values-driven organisations are the most successful. Members of the Estates Department are encouraged to adopt the spirit of our core values into your working life.

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