The principal aims of the Estates Department are to maintain existing and provide additional physical resources and services, all at optimum standard and cost effectiveness, while providing compliance with statutory and general good practice requirements. We aim to be the provider of choice for the University.

The Estates Department provides a diverse range of services to the University. Amongst its many functions, it is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and regularly reviewing a maintenance programme which takes account of short-, medium- and long-term needs of all buildings and the University grounds.
  • Implementing the works identified and funded within the various maintenance programmes and operating a system for dealing with day to day requirements. This includes the continuing provision of an out of hours emergency service.
  • Operating the Printing Unit, including reprographic and graphic design sections.
  • Providing a professional technical service to the University for the design, construction and procurement of new buildings and adaptation works to existing buildings.
  • Identifying and recording the use of space and advising on ways of increasing space utilisation.
  • Procuring and managing utilities and services.
  • Providing postal and security arrangements and advice to the University.


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Last Updated: 08/03/2019