Planning and property

The Planning and property section of the Estates Department undertakes a number of functions in relation to space planning and property management.

Whilst its major task is to fulfill the University's space planning function, both at the strategic planning and implementation stages, it also covers a number of property-related responsibilities.

Please select a tab below to find more information about what we do. The Planning and Property Service Level Statement provides a comprehensive overview of the services offered.

Space planning

We are responsible for all planning in relation to meeting identified school/department space requirements, including liaison with University senior management, school and section heads and space users. This includes financial control of the budgets approved annually for refurbishment and redevelopment works to meet these needs.

Each academic year, schools and departments are invited to take part in a space planning bidding round. The bid process (for projects to take place in the next financial year) opens in October each year and all bids must be submitted by the second Monday in November. Any bids received after this date will be reviewed but it is likely will not be actioned until the next space planning round commences.


8th October 2019Initial request for space-related projects issued.
11th NovemberDeadline for return of information to Estates.
October-JanuaryDevelopment of briefs and cost estimates.
January-FebruaryPreliminary prioritisation of bids.
MarchPrioritisation of bids finalised.
AprilBids submitted to Finance for budgetary approval.
May-JuneEG reviews bids and confirms budgets. FRC meets to approve. Estates commences tendering process for works.
JulyCouncil meets to ratify EG/FRC recommendations.

Review against divisional requirements as required

Please note that whilst detailed planning and design work can commence once the project prioritisation has been agreed, the budgets do not become available until 1st August each year and therefore delivery of some works may not be possible over the summer vacation period if the lead time for procuring services or purchasing items is extensive.

Make a new space request. (For departmental space management representatives only. If you have a query please contact





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