Unattended items – lost or suspicious

If an item is believed to be suspicious you should follow the 4 C’s:

1. CONFIRM the location of the suspicious object and inform Campus Security 01227 82(3333) &/or Police 999. Try not to touch or move the suspicious object but photographing or videoing on your mobile telephone would be useful for the emergency services.

2. CLEAR the immediate area and then outwards of persons from the suspicious object. Communicate the necessity to clear the area in a calm but firm manner to avoid a panicky response. There will always be a decision to evacuate or invacuate dependent upon the circumstances of the incident, the environment and protection offered by buildings or the environment.

3. CORDON to a radius of:

  • 100 metres for small packages or briefcases       
  • Minimum 200 meters for cars or large item      
  • Minimum 400 meters for large vehicles

Please note that these are “rule of thumb” distances and the actual decision will be based on the location, secondary hazards such as glass, gas or fuel containers, screening from buildings etc.

4. CONTROL the incident until Campus Security and & or emergency services arrive.

5. COMMUNICATE contact Campus Security on 01227 823333 (if not already actioned). Contact emergency services via 999.


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Unattended or Suspicious Items - Steps to Take Video -

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