Canterbury Connected Routes - refuge points

As part of the Connected Routes initiative, a number of organisations have agreed to help students if they attend their location. These organisations are as follows with a link to their what3words location:

If you need help when you attend any of these locations, they have been requested to:

  1. Ask you your name, which University you attend and what the problem is.
  2. Ask to see your student identity and what course you are enrolled on to help when speaking with the University security or welfare team that looks after you.
  3. If there is an obvious medical or other emergency, they may call the emergency services directly to assist.
  4. If you are being coerced, harassed or feel unsafe with someone accompanying you, please state Can I speak to Angela or anything similar. The staff present will presume there is an issue with anyone accompanying you. Asking for Angela is a discreet code and covert way for any woman or girl to ask for a member of staff's help.
  5. If possible, they may invite you into the building or move you to a more private area whilst they try to help you but this may not always be possible.
  6. Ask you what you would like to happen. Options can include:
    • Let you remain for a while and then you can go on your way.
    • Contact your family or friend(s) for them to attend.
    • Contact a registered taxi for you such as Longley's Taxi service.
    • Contact Street Marshalls or other voluntary or security organisations if working and available at the time.
    • Contact the appropriate University Student Safety & Wellbeing (SSW) department but it must be remembered that they generally operate Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hours.
    • Contact the appropriate University security team who operate 24/7 365.
    • Contact the relevant emergency service.

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Last Updated: 17/10/2021