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Templeman Library Access Policy

Version 1.95, November 2018


Policy for facilitating access to the Templeman Library building.

Who the policy is for

This is a public policy for Information Services staff, University staff and students, and members of the public. It covers all hours that the Library is open.


  • The Templeman Library building is a fully accessible and warmly welcoming space for all Library users and visitors.
  • Information Services securely and sustainably manages the four external public entrances to the building and the internal Café entrance to the Library.
  • All users who are entitled to visit and/or use the Library should be able to do so without difficulty, and the experience of entering the Library remains positive.
  • Visitors and guests who are not members of the University are given access in a welcoming manner.
  • Card access contributes to the security of the Templeman Library building, collections and the people working and studying there.

When can I visit the Library?

View Library opening hours which vary throughout the year.

How do University members access the Library?

Students and staff need to use an active KentOne card to access the Templeman Library. Student KentOne cards will grant access for 60 days after the end of the registration.

University students and staff with a lost, forgotten, or damaged KentOne card can use the day pass kiosk at the main entrance to print a 24-hour access pass.

After 21:00 the main entrance is the only entrance to the building. The main entrance doors are open at all times except when the building is closed.

How do visitors and guests access the Library?

Visitors and guests are very welcome and can gain entry by one of the following options:

  • Come to either the main entrance or the Library Road entrance between 08:00 - 21:00 daily and speak to staff. At the Library Road entrance you'll need to use the intercom telephone.
  • Regular visitors can get a combined access and photocopier card from the Welcome Desk. The card enables you to use any Library entrance.
    • The name of the visitor and a contact email address will be recorded.
    • The card should not be transferred to another individual.
    • The visitor card will expire annually.
    • A list will be maintained enabling Information Services to email registered visitors about events.
  • If you have a SCONUL (Society for College, National and University Libraries) or External Borrower card you can use it to access the Library anytime it is open.

How do I access events in the Library?

Event visitors are welcome to come into the Library. Please use the main entrance where Welcome Desk staff will let visitors in and out.

Information Services has the option to keep access gates (or only one gate) open when an event is running. This decision will be based on an assessment of demand, which will be carried out by the Welcome Desk Supervisor (weekday daytime hours) or the Front Line Services Duty Manager (evenings and weekends).

How contractors access the Library

Contractors should report to the Facilities Management office. They will be signed in and given a pass. Staff at the Welcome Desk will let them in and out of the Library. If they have not been signed in, staff at the Welcome Desk will telephone Facilities Management when a contractor reports to them.

Policy updates

Policy updates require approval from IS Space & Services management group. It will be reviewed annually by the IS Space & Services management group.


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