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Policy concerning requests for removal of items from KAR and KDR

  1. The University of Kent seeks to observe the highest standards of compliance with the law and to the posting of any material which amounts to defamation, infringement of data protection, intellectual property or copyright. This includes material deposited in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) and the Kent Data Repository (KDR).
  2. KAR and KDR hold two types of materials, either of which may be the subject of a complaint:
    1. metadata records
    2. copies of works uploaded as files.
  3. By depositing in the University of Kent repositories depositors agree to abide by:
    1. the University IT Security policy and conditions of use
    2. the Kent Academic Repository policies and conditions of use.
  4. Complaints relevant to this policy may include notice of:
    1. unauthorised use by reason of reproduction and/or making available the protected material
    2. breach of the moral right, e.g. paternity, integrity and derogatory treatment
    3. issues on grounds other than copyright, eg defamation, breach of confidence, data protection.
  5. Complaints should be sent in writing or by email to
  6. Complaints should include, at minimum:
    1. the title and URL of the record the complaint refers to
    2. the grounds for the complaint in full
    3. contact details of the complainant.
  7. On receipt of a complaint, repository staff will remove access to the material that is the subject of the complaint while the complaint is assessed for validity and the identity of the complainant is verified. If found to be valid, access will be withheld until, at least, the complaint is resolved.
  8. Communication with the complainant and the depositor of the material will be maintained in a timely manner throughout the investigation and resolution of the complaint. All correspondence will be held securely.
  9. If the complaint is found to be valid, repository staff will investigate the complaint, drawing on relevant expertise as needed. The depositor will be advised of the complaint and asked to refute, or confirm, its validity.
  10. Repository staff will try to resolve the complaint amicably.  If this is not possible legal advice will be sought.
  11. Following investigation, four potential results of the complaint are:
    1. the work and its metadata will not be changed and access will be re-established
    2. changes will be made to the work and/or its metadata and access will be re-established
    3. the work will be permanently removed from the repository 
    4. the complaint will be passed to University legal authorities.
  12. Repository staff have an established process to follow to ensure this policy is adhered to.

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Last Updated: 24/09/2020