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IT Regulations

IT Regulations overview

Who needs to read and adhere to these regulations

They apply to you whenever you use a University of Kent IT service or facility. They are therefore relevant to anyone with a Kent IT Account, plus anyone using an IT facility provided or arranged by the University of Kent.

What we expect from you

Follow these principles and you should never be in breach of the full IT Regulations:

Know the rules

  • Abide by all University of Kent regulations and policies.
  • Observe the regulations of any third parties whose facilities you access.
  • Don’t break the law.

Be yourself

  • Always keep your Kent IT Account to yourself, never reveal your password.
  • Use your own identity online; don't pretend to be someone else.
  • Always use your own account, never anyone else’s.

Use facilities appropriately

  • Don’t do anything that would put IT facilities at risk of malware.
  • Don’t interfere with hardware or load unauthorised software on University machines.

Use information responsibly

  • Safeguard your personal data.
  • Respect other people’s information.
  • Don’t abuse copyright material.
  • Mobile devices may not be a secure way to handle information.

Behave respectfully

  • Don’t waste IT resources or interfere with others’ legitimate use.
  • Don’t behave towards others in a way that isn’t acceptable in the physical world.

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Last Updated: 07/06/2023