Our aim in the Commercial Services & Estates Department is to reuse items wherever possible. As of May 2023 we have saved over £1.1m on purchasing costs through using Warp-it alone.*

Before buying new furniture please consider our new reuse scheme called warpit, this is an online facility where you can view and request surplus new or nearly new furniture available across campus.

Two good reasons for this is to reduce our carbon footprint and second it is free!

Please sign up for a Warp-it account today and start your search for the item/s you need. You can also list items you do not require for other members of staff to take off your hands. So think sustainably before ordering new. We may not always have what you need but it is worth giving us a try before you spend any money.

If you know of any departments skipping old furniture or items please let us know because there are a number of charities and schools that we also work with who would appreciate any items.

For more information please contact us on


Click here to sign up.

*Items remain the property of the University, must remain on site, and are not for private use

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Last Updated: 10/05/2023