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Tel: 01227 823209

Estates Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is located in the Maintenance section of the Estates Department and its opening hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday.

Any member of staff discovering a maintenance problem should contact the Helpdesk via telephone or intranet access. There are key staff in Schools and Departments who are authorised intranet users and are able to report a maintenance defect online through the Web Central system. If a member of staff requires authorisation to become an intranet user they can make this request to the Helpdesk who will organise this and provide user guidance.

It is imperative that the Helpdesk receive as much accurate information as is available, in particular the exact fault details and its precise location.

Students should log all defects with their accommodation via the Kent Hospitality online system, details of this are provided in their accommodation areas or can be obtained from the Receptions. Students should not contact the Helpdesk directly.

A member of staff can also request minor improvements of a rechargeable nature to be carried out by contacting the Helpdesk by telephone, email, intranet access or via the Works Rechargeable online system, accessible via the Estates webpage. If required, an estimate can be provided for this type of work. Once acceptance of the account code to be charged has been received by the Helpdesk, a work docket will be issued for the work to commence.

Outside normal office hours voicemail will take and record all requests. However, in the case of maintenance emergencies out of hours, the person reporting the occurrence should dial Campus Security on x 3300, and an on-call engineer will be contacted.

The Helpdesk will also accept key cutting and card access requests, once the correct authorisation has been provided.

Contact points

Estates Helpdesk Operators
Beverley BraidenMonday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Angela DurlingMonday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Rebecca MedlockMonday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Anne ScottMonday – Friday 8.00am – 1.45pm
Location Contact point
Colleges, Tyler Court, Becket Court, Darwin Houses Housekeeper
Park Wood Houses, Hothe Court Park Wood Reception
Woodlands, Beverley Farm, Turing College Keynes Housekeeper
Laboratories Laboratory Manager
General Buildings Departmental Administrator
External grounds Estates Helpdesk (3209)


Web reporting (defects & chargeable maintenance work)

Intranet web access is available to selected staff around the University, all of whom have a responsibility for the maintenance of their building and/or department. This list of users increases as and when it is proven an individual or department will benefit from being given access. The Helpdesk operators process the maintenance defects either from the web or by inputting the information received by telephone and passing them to the relevant trade supervisors for action.

Create an online maintenance work request (intranet users only). Please read the work request guidelines.

Maintenance is prioritised according to the severity of the defect in question. Please check the Maintenance Service Levels list for details.



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