Social Media at Kent

Why social media?

Social media allows people to publish, share, converse, network and bookmark - expanding the reach of their work and enabling others to share it with their friends and communities.

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Good reasons to use social media

  • Worldwide audience – potential students, current students, staff and alumni are all using social media.
  • Immediate feedback – social media allows us to share news and information from across the University and more importantly allows us to hear directly and immediately from students, staff and friends about what is important to them.
  • Cost – social media can provide a cost effective way of reaching your target audience.
  • Market research – do you know what your students are saying about you? Do you know what your competition is doing? The information is readily available on social media sites.

How Kent is using social media

Social media tools enable us to share news and information from across the University and allows us to hear from students, staff and friends about what is important to them. The primary tools the University is currently using are:

  • Facebook is predominately used for student recruitment. We have created a forum where new students feel able to post questions which are usually answered by current students and alumni. Our focus is on posting relevant content and monitoring comments - responding where necessary by pointing to official University sources such as relevant pages on the Kent website.
  • Twitter is used to promote University news and events, and to highlight media coverage featuring our academic experts.
  • LinkedIn is predominately used to enhance alumni communications. The University alumni group has over 5,000 members and it is possible to set up sub-groups for schools. For further advice on how to use this channel to connect with alumni please contact the Alumni Relations Team.
  • YouTube allows us to showcase the University through film, we have set-up an official channel with a range of playlists, including: why come to Kent, international Kent, events and entertainment, academics and schools.
  • Kent Blogs allow the University to encourage healthy debate, knowledge sharing and learning at an individual or school level.  Authors can network, invite project collaboration, recruit, carry out and publish research, share teaching expertise, increase media coverage and increase profile. For more information visit Kent on the web.
  • Flickr allows us to showcase the University through photographs. We have set-up a range of sets which show the different locations and the local areas. The press team also utilise the channel to share images relevant to news releases.
  • Pinterest allows us to share photos of the University, its campuses and locations. Showcasing our facilities and beautiful campuses to help prospective students plan for their university journey.
  • Instagram allows us to share photos of our campuses and events. We also run student photo competitions via Instagram, including a ‘selfie’ competition during graduations and Welcome Week.

Schools using social media

Increase your reach

Kent has a wide audience of students, staff and alumni keeping in touch with the University via the official Facebook page (131,458 likes - January 2016).

Let us know what you are doing so we can help expand your reach by sharing it, and also to make sure we are aware of the news and developments you are sharing with your audiences.

For University staff, email your link to when you launch your site (or if you’re already up and running).


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