Hydon PE, 2014, Difference Equations by Differential Equation Methods, Cambridge University Press


Most well-known solution techniques for differential equations exploit symmetry in some form. Systematic methods have been developed for finding and using symmetries, first integrals and conservation laws of a given differential equation. Here the author explains how to extend these powerful methods to difference equations, greatly increasing the range of solvable problems. Beginning with an introduction to elementary solution methods, the book gives readers a clear explanation of exact techniques for ordinary and partial difference equations. The informal presentation is suitable for anyone who is familiar with standard differential equation methods. No prior knowledge of difference equations or symmetry is assumed. The author uses worked examples to help readers grasp new concepts easily. There are 120 exercises of varying difficulty and suggestions for further reading. The book goes to the cutting edge of research; its many new ideas and methods make it a valuable reference for researchers in the field.


'Following his successful Cambridge text on symmetry methods for differential equations, Hydon has written a superb introduction to the modern theory of difference equations, concentrating on explicit solution techniques, Lie symmetry methods, Noether's Theorem relating symmetries and conservation laws, and integrability properties. Hydon is an exceptionally clear expositor, and his new book adapts well-known geometric and algebraic constructions for differential equations to the more challenging discrete realm, copiously illustrated by explicit examples and exercises. It will prove to be an essential textbook and reference volume, introducing the next generation of researchers, practitioners, and students to this increasingly important and active area of contemporary applied mathematics.'
Peter Olver, University of Minnesota

Errata (PDF)


Hydon PE, 2000, Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations: A Beginner's Guide, Cambridge University Press


Symmetry is the key to solving differential equations. There are many well-known techniques for obtaining exact solutions, but most of them are special cases of a few powerful symmetry methods. Furthermore, these methods can be applied to differential equations of an unfamiliar type; they do not rely on special 'tricks'. Instead, a given differential equation is forced to reveal its symmetries, which are then used to construct exact solutions. This book is a straightforward introduction to the subject, and is aimed at applied mathematicians, physicists, and engineers. The presentation is informal, using many worked examples to illustrate the main symmetry methods. It is written at a level suitable for postgraduates and advanced undergraduates, and is designed to enable the reader to master the main techniques quickly and easily. The book contains methods that have not previously appeared in a text. These include methods for obtaining discrete symmetries and integrating factors.


'Hydon's book stands out as perhaps the best introductory level text currently available ... Hydon's book is extremely well-written, and a welcome addition to the literature on Lie's methods. The author has clearly devoted a lot of effort to pedagogical details, and the exposition is designed to effortlessly bring the beginning student up to speed in basic applications of the method.'
Peter Olver, ZAMM

'Throughout the text numerous examples are worked out in detail and the exercises have been well chosen. This is the most readable text on this material I have seen and I would recommend the book for self-study (as an introduction).'
Mark Fels, MathSciNet

'This new book by Peter Hydon ... is eminently suitable for advanced undergraduates and beginning postgraduate students ... Overall I thoroughly recommend this book and believe that it will be a useful textbook for introducing students to symmetry methods for differential equations.'
Peter Clarkson, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

'. a nice introduction to symmetry methods for ordinary and partial differential equations written with passion by a specialist ... in a lucid and precise manner. The presentation is vivid and informal, without a traditional "theorem-proof-corollary" format which quite often frightens non-mathematicians interested mostly in applications of theoretical results rather than in their justification. Despite this unusual choice of style, the exposition is not lacking in neatness and rigour, and all the main details which are necessary for the understanding of the material are provided.'
Svitlana Rogovchenko, Zentralblatt MATH

Errata (PDF)

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