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European network on invasive parakeets

Working Group 4: Evolutionary change and prediction of invasion

All available evidence will be reviewed including current research and datasets, to establish extent and nature of evolutionary change by invasive parakeets in response to novel environments. Utility of different data types will be evaluated and prioritised for predicting future invasion pathways. WG4 will comprise Action participants with expertise in molecular genetics and all aspects of evolutionary ecology and invasion biology, together with other scientific and academic expert contributors.
Task 1: Review available evidence for adaptation by parakeets, set in context of climate change, environmental disturbance, urbanisation and agricultural land-use change across Europe (linking to WG3).
Task 2: Evaluate and compare utility of different data types for detecting signals of adaptation. Identify important gaps in knowledge and datasets and allocate STSMs accordingly (linking to WG3).
Task 3: Harmonise priority datasets across national boundaries, summarise and set results in context of environmental and anthropological change.
Milestone 1: Report on evidence for adaptation
Milestone 2: Protocols developed for harmonisation of national data sets and STSMs aligned.
Milestone 3: Publish findings on evidence for evolutionary change by invasive parakeets.

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