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Melvyn Newell

1992-1993 at Tonbridge Centre; 1993-1996 Keynes College

Life in all its aspects does throw up opportunities. Having reached 50 with never a moment to spare but with some success and enjoyment over the years, I found myself in a new situation. Unaffected by the recession in 1974, 1992 was completely different. With the ERM debacle, and a 15% base rate, my surveying practice was on its knees and I was paying £165 a day in interest to the banks.

By chance, on a visit to my GP’s surgery (I ignored the GP’s advice to go bankrupt!), I saw a leaflet for a psychology course at UKC Tonbridge Centre and joined. This whetted my appetite for study but didn’t quite meet my needs. I turned to Philosophy and was very lucky to be accepted by Dr Larry Chase. Thus began a journey that revived my fortunes, arming me with the ability to deal with difficult issues including fighting many court cases to retain my properties, bank usury, caring for my disabled son, and supporting my other children through further education. Now in my seventies and being philosophical, I don’t have to give the ups and downs of life another thought.

As a result, Kent means a lot to me; I try to get to Alumni events whenever I can.

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