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Tammy Naidoo

President of Kent Union

Matt Bamford

Tammy represents Kent students to make sure all are given the opportunity to have the best experience possible at University. Today, the Union has 600 employees, 2,000 volunteers, 320 sports clubs and societies and 9,000 students taking part in Union Life.

Tammy first started at Kent in September 2011 studying Classical and Archaeological studies; she was drawn to the University’s attractive campus and high ranking for Archaeology. As a student, Tammy took an active role in University life and was elected Keynes President in her third year. As part of her role, she led a team of welcome helpers in Fresher's week who were trained to help new students move into on-campus accommodation and to organise Fresher’s events in that exciting first week at University. She also took a leading role in organising Keynes College’s annual battle of the bands, known as Keynestock.

Development Office

Contact us: alumni@kent.ac.uk | T: +44(0)1227 824346