Walking Escort Service

  • A security escort can be provided by Campus Watch for people travelling on campus. The service is available at any time and will usually consist of being accompanied on foot by a Security Officer.
  • It is acknowledged that most requests will be during the hours of darkness for single females but groups of two or more will be considered if they consider themselves vulnerable.
  • An escort can be requested by contacting internal extension 3300 (direct dial +44 (0)1227 823300), through a College Receptionist or by calling in at Campus Watch.
  • There may be occasions when Security cannot respond immediately, either because of competing priorities such as emergencies or serious incidents on campus or lack of resources. When this occurs an estimated time will be given and you should either remain where you are in a safe environment or arrange to make the journey accompanied by others.
  • A person feeling particularly vulnerable should not attempt to make the journey alone just because of an unacceptable waiting time. Any complaints about the service should be directed for investigation in the first instance to Leigh Stevenson, Security Manager, either by letter, email or telephone (+44 (0)1227 823829).