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Current Research Projects

  • The Formation of Fundraisers: Dr Beth Breeze has recieved funding from the Leverhulme Trust for a three-year project which will explore how fundraisers’ personalities interact with their professional skills to affect the amount of money they raise for good causes.
  • Giving Circles in the UK: in collaboration with Dr Angie Eikenberry of the University of Nebraska, this project looks at giving circles in the UK.
  • Beacon Project - 50 Years of Philanthropy at the University of Kent: as part of the University's 50th Anniversary celebrations, this project involves research into the history of philanthropy at and to the University, and will include a number of debates on philanthopy and a major international conference
  • Rising to the Challenge - a study of philanthropic support for unpopular causes: this project explores the uphill struggle that some charities face when seeking to fundraise. Such charities may support issues which are complex to communicate, may have beneficaries who don't easily engage donors' emotions and may not be able to easily identify potential donors.
  • Who Gives, Who Gets: the final part of the CGAP programme at the Centre for Philanthropy, this project looks at the social space bridged by donations.


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