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Firesetting Research Opportunity

Keynote at IATSO conference

Professor Gannon to be keynote at IATSO conference coming up this summer. Find out more about the speakers at the IATSO website.







Firesetting Research Opportunity

Dec 2017: Dr Emma Alleyne and Dr Bill Henry edit special issue of Psychology, Crime & Law: The Psychology of Animal Abuse

From Psychology, Crime & Law

The articles in this special issue cover the social and psychological factors related to child and adult perpetrators, offence heterogeneity (e.g. varying levels of abuse severity), victim characteristics, amongst other features of animal cruelty. The editors also offer a commentary on where the research can go next, identifying specific gaps in the existing literature. Alleyne and Henry conclude that there is an abundance of extant, related research that they can draw upon to inform future studies (e.g. implicit theories, scripts/schemas, dynamic risk factors) and
                clinical practice.

Firesetting Research Opportunity

Dr Caoilte Ó Ciardha appointed Associate Editor for Journal of Sexual Aggression

The Journal of Sexual Aggression provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for the dissemination of original research findings, reviews, theory, and practice developments regarding sexual aggression in all its forms. The Journal aims to engage readers from a wide range of research, practice and policy areas, including prevention science, crime science, public health, law and regulation, policing and investigation, prosecution and sentencing, corrections and youth justice, child protection, victim advocacy and support, clinical and risk assessment, and offender treatment and risk management. The Journal recognises that human sexual aggression is a global problem, and therefore wishes to include high quality contributions, written in English, from around the world.


Firesetting Research Opportunity

Award nomination

Professor Gannon shortlisted for outstanding individual in criminal justice alliance awards. Read more about the nominations on the CJA website.







Firesetting Research Opportunity

Grant success

Dr Jane Wood - 2017, (£331,260) Principal Investigator: Greater Manchester Police. Evaluating Polygraph use for Managing Sexual Offenders and Suspects. 03.07.2017 – 03.06.2019






Firesetting Research Opportunity

Professor Gannon's impact showcased by BPS

Read Professor Gannon's interview in the December 2017 issue of The Psychologist.






Firesetting Research Opportunity

New book published

Book available on Amazon.









Professor Theresa Gannon (team application) won the ESRC Outstanding Impact in Society Award

Professor Theresa Gannon's groundbreaking work with firesetters has resulted in the first comprehensive theory of deliberate firesetters and the first effective treatment programme for offenders, which is being adopted by Australia, North America and Europe.






Firesetting Research Opportunity

Feb 2015: Exciting New Firesetting Research Opportunity

An exciting joint research project is currently being conducted by the University of Kent and Kent Forensic Psychiatry Service evaluating the effectiveness of the first standardised intervention for male and female mentally disordered firesetters (the FIP-MO).

The FIP-MO is a semi-structured intervention developed by Professor Theresa Gannon and Dr. Lona Lockerbie and has been rolled out across 15 secure psychiatric hospitals in the UK with positive preliminary findings.

We are extending our evaluation to include prisons and are looking for interested establishments to take part either by running the FIP-MO programme or by assisting with recruiting a control group of firesetters who are not doing the programme.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project and potentially participating then please contact Nichola Tyler (Research Associate) on Nichola.Tyler@kmpt.nhs.uk.


Gannon and Ward’s Journal Article cited by Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Practice as Stand Out Journal Article of 2014

Jan 2015: Gannon and Ward’s Journal Article cited by Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Practice as "Stand Out Journal Article of 2014"

Theresa Gannon has lead authored an article questioning how forensic psychology is being practiced in secure correctional establishments worldwide. You can read the article here and read the summary of it as a stand out article here:




Completion of the First Evaluation of Standardized Treatment for Imprisoned Firesetters

Jan 2015: Completion of the First Evaluation of Standardized Treatment for Imprisoned Firesetters

The pilot run of the Firesetting Intervention Programme for Prisoners (FIPP) implemented in the UK from 2012-2014 by researchers within CORE-FP has come to a successful close. Fifty-four male prisoners who had set a deliberate fire were referred for FIPP treatment by their prison establishment and psychologically assessed at baseline, immediately post treatment, and three months post treatment.

Prisoners who were treatment eligible yet resided at prison establishments not identified for FIPP treatment were recruited as Treatment as Usual controls and tested at equivalent time-points. Results showed that participants assigned to FIPP treatment improved their problematic fire interest and associations with fire, attitudes towards violence, and antisocial attitudes post treatment relative to controls. The most notable gains were made in the area of fire interest and associations with fire. FIPP participants maintained all key improvements at three month follow up.

This evaluation is the first to suggest that CBT therapy has a significant impact on reducing problematic psychological factors associated with deliberate firesetting. The researchers are working to establish this programme in prison healthcare environments.

CORE-FP Researchers Involved: Theresa A. Gannon, Caoilte Ó Ciardha, Helen Butler, Nichola Tyler, Emma Alleyne, & Katarina Mozova.


CORE-FP Polygraph Research Leads to Legislation Change

Jan: 2014 CORE-FP Polygraph Research Leads to Legislation Change

In a project funded by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), CORE-FP psychologists from the University of Kent investigated the effects of mandatory polygraph testing for UK sexual offenders released on licence. Their research demonstrated that this practice increased disclosure by sexual offenders. This led directly to a change in Government policy and delegated legislation under the Offender Management Act (2007).

The resulting legislation allows sexual offenders in England and Wales to be polygraphed as part of their licence conditions from January 2014. The widely disseminated research findings also alerted professionals to the benefits of mandatory polygraph testing on sexual offenders, and generated significant public discussion.

You can find the final government article here:

CORE-FP Researchers Involved: Theresa A. Gannon, Jane Wood, Afroditi Pina, Eduardo Vasquez.


Jane Wood and Howard Giles edit a special issue of GPIR on Gangs: Group and intergroup dimensions

November 2014: Jane Wood and Howard Giles edit a special issue of GPIR on Gangs: Group and intergroup dimensions

From Group Processes & Intergroup Relations

Gangs blight many societies around the globe, yet there is a dearth of social psychological research on the behavior of gangs and their members. This Special Issue on gangs, plugs this research gap and sets an agenda for theoretical and empirical research on the social psychology of gangs.

The set of papers focuses specifically on group processes, intergroup relations and social identity, and on communication processes within and between gangs in society. Also included are empirical examinations of how attitudes to formal organized crime groups may nurture pro-gang views, how social networks bridge gang divides, the de-humanization and social dominance association with gang membership, and how membership longevity associates with gang members’ attitudes to their group.


Dr Afroditi Pina of CORE-FP Gives a Keynote Address on the Effects of Pornography on Young People

Sept 2014: Dr Afroditi Pina of CORE-FP Gives a Keynote Address on the Effects of Pornography on Young People

On September 12th 2014 Dr Afroditi Pina gave a keynote speech to the annual National Organisation for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (NOTA) Conference in York. Her keynote speech presented findings from the Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) conducted for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) to examine the evidence base around access and exposure of children and young people to online and offline pornography.

To read the REA findings in detail click here


Eurogang 13

Gang experts from around the world to gather at Kent

The University of Kent's Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP) hosted the 13th meeting of Eurogang members between 20 and 22 June 2013.

Formed in 1997, the Eurogang Network is the largest international body of academics, practitioners and criminal justice professionals who work individually and collaboratively to enhance understanding of gangs. Its research is used to inform government policies and develop interventions to reduce the impact of gangs on communities and young people.

The theme of the 2013 conference, which took place at the University's Canterbury campus, was "Multi Method & Cross Disciplinary Gang Research: Implications for Theory and Practice", with an emphasis on ways in which government policy may be influenced by gang research. Other topics included: the psychology of gang membership, including mental health aspects; gangs in prisons; research methods with gangs; gang interventions; and leaving the gang.

On 19 June 2013, a pre-meeting workshop organised by two of the world's leading gang experts was held specifically for postgraduate students. Its focus was on identifying gang members in applied research, and the benefits and challenges of employing a multi-method approach to gang research.


Learn about Forensic Psychology

The Celebration of Theresa A. Gannon's Inauguration as Professor

Wednesday 16 January, Keynes College, University of Kent. Please RSVP to COREFP@kent.ac.uk by 10th January 2013 if you wish to attend.

See the attached flyer for more details.





Firesetting / Street Gangs

Bringing together research and practice: firesetting and street gangs

The Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP) is holding a two part workshop entitled "Bringing together research and practice: firesetting and street gangs" on Tuesday, September 11. The purpose of these interactive workshops is to provide an overview of the latest research findings and examine the implications these findings have for clinicians and practitioners working with these offending populations. These workshops are appropriate for researchers and practitioners at all levels.

Please see the attached advert that describes the workshop in a bit more detail.

For more details of other workshops click here.



Kent forensic psychology research leads to government plans for national sex offender polygraph testing

Read our Report Published by the Ministry of Justice:


We have a press release link also here:





EMDR Multi-Site Clinical Trial

CORE-FP are looking for services to participate in a new multi-site research project which is evaluating the effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) for male and female mentally disordered violent offenders.

The trial is being run by Dr. Theresa Gannon, Dr. Lauren Clark and Nichola Tyler from the University of Kent and Kent Forensic Psychiatry Services, and is set to run towards the end of 2013 for three years.

Can we participate?

Any secure forensic psychiatric hospital (including Learning Disability Directorates) across low, medium and high secure services can participate. If you would like to find out more and are interested in taking part please download this document.

Contact details



Static-2002R Training Workshop

The Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP) is holding a full-day workshop entitled "Static-2002R Training: How to code, interpret and report Static-2002R scores" on Friday, August 31st. The workshop is appropriate for those involved in risk assessment with sexual offenders or those hoping to develop expertise in this area. The workshop will be presented by Leslie Helmus who works with Public Safety Canada and is one of only four certified Static-2002R trainers worldwide.

Please see the attached advert that describes the workshop in a bit more detail. To register your interest please click here (last booking date 10th August 2012).

For more details of this and other workshops click here.






Centre Opening

The University of Kent launched its new Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP) on Friday 16th September in an event attended by over 200 distinguished guests. Find out more here.

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 823961 or contact us.

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