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Research seminars and events

Keynes College, University of KentThe School of Economics hosts research seminars each week, during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, organised by Dr Anthony Savagar and Dr Anirban Mitra.

Seminar speakers are usually visiting academics from universities and institutions in the UK and abroad. Last academic year we had 44 visiting speakers, including a number from overseas institutions.

In addition, the School and its research centres host a number of internal and external research events through the year.

School seminars

Summer term 2018/19

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
08 May 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3

On the influence of top journals

Dr Marco van de Leij
University of Amsterdam
10 May 19 Fri 12.00 KLT3

Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural India

Dr Shoumitro Chatterjee
Penn State University

15 May 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Revisiting Regression Adjustment in Experiments with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects (with Akanksha Negi)

Professor Jeffrey Wooldridge
Michigan State University
17 May 19 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Automation, Growth and Factor Shares
Dr Joseba Martinez
London Business School
20 May 19 Mon 12.00 MarLT2 The Effects of Health Shocks on Risk Preferences: do Personality Traits matter? (with Nigel Rice) Dr Silvana Robone
University of Insubria
24 May 19 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Performance-based contracts, income inequality, and wealth inequality Dr Roberto Pancrazi
University of Warwick
05 Jun 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Student Quality, College Selectivity and the Birth of Firms (with Chong-en Bai, Hongbin Li and Xin Wang)

Dr Ruixue Jia
UC San Diego
07 Jun 19 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Meritocracy in the Face of Group Inequality Professor Rohini Somanathan
Delhi School of Economics
12 Jun 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Mark-ups in the digital era (with C. Criscuolo and L. Marcolin) Dr Sara Calligaris
03 Jul 19 Wed 12.00 Kennedy
The impact of Brexit on UK Firms Professor Nicholas Bloom
Stanford University

Spring term 2018/19

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
10 Jan 19 Thu 15.30 MarLT2

Medium Frequencies in Non-Frontier Economies (with Maria Bolboaca and Silvia Galli)

Professor Guido Cozzi
University of St Gallen
16 Jan 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Dream Jobs

Professor Giordano Mion
University of Sussex

18 Jan 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6

Taking Away the Punch Bowl: Monetary Policy and Financial Instability

Dr Kevin Sheedy
23 Jan 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Bottom-up Markup Fluctuation (joint with Ariel Burstein and Vasco M. Carvalho) Dr Basile Grassi
Universita Bocconi, Milan
30 Jan 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Inequality, corruption and cooperation: Evidence from Vietnam (with Thomas Markussen, Saurabh Singhal and Finn Tarp) Dr Smriti Sharma
Newcastle University
01 Feb 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Do coalitions matter in designing institutions? (with Ville Korpela and Hannu Vartiainen) Dr Michele Lombardi
University of Glasgow
06 Feb 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 The impact of undergraduate degrees on early-career earnings Laura van der Erve
Institute for Fiscal Studies
13 Feb 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Firms and Economic Performance: A View from Trade (with Alessandra Bonfiglioli and Rosario Crino) Professor Gino Gancia
Queen Mary University of London
20 Feb 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Costs and Benefits of Rural-Urban Migration: Evidence from India (with John Papp)  

Dr Clement Imbert
University of Warwick

22 Feb 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Public employment in a task based theory of underemployment (with with Pietro Garibaldi and Thepthida Sopraseuth)

Dr Pedro Gomes
Birkbeck, University of London

26 Feb 19 Tue 12.00 KS20

The Importance of Entries, Aggregations, and Reallocation in Returns to Scale and Markups: Firm- and Industry-level Estimates

Dr Daisoon Kim
London Business School

27 Feb 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Using two part contracts to estimate complementarities between tasks: an application to family doctors

Dr Marcos Vera-Hernandez

07 Mar 19 Thu 16.00 KLT6

Implications of Uncertainty for Optimal Policies

Dr Maxim Troshkin
Cornell University
08 Mar 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6

Female Genital Cutting and Education: Causal Evidence from Senegal (with Edgar Salgado)

Jorge Garcia Hombrados
13 Mar 19 Wed 16.00 KLT4

Information Aggregation Under Ambiguity: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Dr Spyros Galanis
Warwick Business School
14 Mar 19 Thu 16.00 KLT4

The Evolutionary Roots of Human Collaboration (part of the Behavioural Insights from Economics and Psychology Seminar Series)

Dr Alicia Melis
Warwick Business School
15 Mar 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6

The dark side of low(er) interest rates (with Pablo Guerrón-Quintana)

Dr Keith Kuester
Bonn Graduate School of Economics
21 Mar 19 Thu 15.30 GLT2 Brain vs. Brawn: Child Labor, Human Capital Investment, and the Role of Dynamic Complementarities (with Natalie Bau, Bryce Millett Steinberg and Manisha Shah) Dr Martin Rotemberg
27 Mar 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Commitment as Extortion?

Dr Karna Basu
Hunter College, City University of New York
03 Apr 19 Wed 15.30 KLT3 What do we owe future generations? Professor Neil Buchanan
George Washington University
12 Apr 19 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Market Power and Innovation in the Intangible Economy Maarten De Ridder
University of Cambridge

Autumn term 2018/19

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
19 Sep 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Labor Income Risk, Asset Prices, and Unemployment Cyclicality

Dr Pontus Rendahl
University of Cambridge
21 Sep 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Bonus and penalty incentives for small efforts: An experiment (with Beatrice Roussillon and Sabrina Teyssier)

Dr Penelope Buckley
Université Grenoble Alpes

26 Sep 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Opinion formation and targeting when persuaders have extreme and centrist opinions Professor Agnieszka Rusinowska
Paris 1 University 
03 Oct 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Any outcome is an (interior) equilibrium in a market Professor Indrajit Ray
University of Cardiff
05 Oct 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Size Premium Waves (with Bernard Herskovic and Thilo Kind) Dr Howard Kung
London Business School
10 Oct 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Office-Holding Premia and Representative Democracy

Dr Jan Auerbach
University of Exeter

12 Oct 18 Fri 12.00


Declining Labor and Capital Shares Dr Simcha Barkai
London Business School
17 Oct 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Politics in the family. Nepotism and the hiring decisions of Italian firms (with S Gagliarducci) 

Professor Marco Manacorda
Queen Mary University of London
24 Oct 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3

De-leveraging or de-risking? How banks cope with loss (with J R Krainer and A H Shapiro)

Dr Rhys Bidder
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
26 Oct 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Decomposing Dispersion Over the Business Cycle Dr Alex Clymo
University of Essex
14 Nov 18 Wed 15.00 KLT3

On the external validity of social preference games: a systematic lab-field study

Dr Matteo Galizzi
21 Nov 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 The Lost Human Capital: Teacher Knowledge and Student Achievement in Africa Dr Tessa Bold
IIES Stockholm
28 Nov 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Add and Rule. How migrant workers stabilize authoritarian regimes Professor Halvor Mehlum
University of Oslo
05 Dec 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Natural resources and ethnic identity (with Nicolas Berman and Matthieu Couttenier) Dr Victoire Girard
Université d'Orléans
06 Dec 18 Thur 16.00 KLT6 Capital Accumulation and Dynamic Gains from Trade Professor B. Ravikumar
Washington University
Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
12 Dec 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Country Reputation and Trade Policy Preferences -
Using the News of the Election of Donald Trump as an Instrument
Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo
University of Bradford



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