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Keynes College, University of KentThe School of Economics hosts research seminars each week, during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, organised by Dr Anthony Savagar and Dr Anirban Mitra. Seminar speakers are usually visiting academics from universities and institutions in the UK and abroad.

Last academic year we had 24 visiting speakers, including a number from overseas institutions: Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Princeton University; Professor Kozo Ueda, Waseda University; Dr Pedro Gomes, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Professor David de la Croix, Université Catholique de Louvain; Professor Tomasso Proietti, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata; Dr Hitoshi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University and Aix-Marseilles University; Professor Eugen Kovac, University of Duisburg-Essen; and Professor Jordi Brandts, IAE-CSIC Barcelona.

In addition, the School and its research centres host a number of internal and external research events through the year.

School seminars

Summer term

Date Time Room Topic Speaker
19 Jul 17 (Wed) 16.00 GLT2 The currency dimension of the bank lending channel in international monetary transmission (with Előd Takáts) Dr Judit Temesvary
FRB Washington

Past seminars 2016/17

Date/Venue Topic Speaker
28 Sep 16

Corrupt Bookmaking in a Fixed Odds Illegal Betting Market (with Parimal Kanti Bag)

Dr Bibhas Saha
Durham University
05 Oct 16 Evidence on credit constraints and university attendance Dr Buly Cardak
La Trobe University
12 Oct 16 US Monetary and Fiscal Policies - Conflict or Cooperation? Dr Xiaoshan Chen
Durham University
19 Oct 16 Climate Agreements in a Mitigation-Adaptation Game (with Basak Bayramoglu and Jean-Francois Jacques) Professor Michael Finus
University of Bath
24 Oct 16

DVD-based Distance-learning Program for University Entrance Exams: Experimental Evidence from Rural Bangladesh (with Hisaki Kono and Yasuyuki Sawada)

Dr Abu S Shonchoy
26 Oct 16 Common Law and the Origin of Shareholder Protection (with Graeme G Acheson and Gareth Campbell) Professor John Turner
Queens University Belfast
04 Nov 16

Banking and Growth: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Analysis

Dr Nate Young
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
09 Nov 16

Competition Effects of Financial Shocks on Business Cycles

Dr Boromeus Wanengkirtyo
Bank of England
21 Nov 16

Private and Public Firms in the Shadow of Coercive Power (with Giorgio Zanarone)

Professor Gani Aldashev
Université libre de Bruxelles
23 Nov 16

Contracting Out Mandatory Counselling and Training for Long-Term Unemployed: Private For-Profit or Non-Profit, or Keep it Public? (with Stijn Baert)

Professor Bart Cockx
Ghent University
30 Nov 16 Self-employment, Capital and Job Search in Urban Ghana: Evidence from a Structural Model Dr Simon Quinn
University of Oxford
07 Dec 16

Immigration, Voting, and Redistribution: Evidence from Post-war Population Transfers (joint with Arnaud Chevalier, Andreas Lichter and Nico Pestel)

Dr Ben Elsner
14 Dec 16

The impact of the 2008 crisis on UK prices: what we can learn from the CPI microdata (with Kul Luintel and Kun Tian)

Professor Huw Dixon
Cardiff Business School
15 Dec 16
Joint Reasoning in Social Interaction: A Virtual Bargaining Approach
(part of the Behavioural Insights Seminar Series, jointly organised with the School of Psychology)
Professor Nick Chater
University of Warwick
13 Jan 17

MaGHiC lecture: Optimal Automatic Stabilizers (with Alisdair McKay)

Professor Ricardo Reis
25 Jan 17

Cascading Failures in Production Networks

Dr David Baqaee
26 Jan 17
Psychological Lives of the Poor
(part of the Behavioural Insights Seminar Series, jointly organised with the School of Psychology)
Professor Anandi Mani
Oxford Blavatnik School of Management

1 Feb 17

Skill Accumulation in the Market and at Home Dr Jean Flemming
University of Oxford

9 Feb 17

Co-operation in Polygynous Households
(part of the Behavioural Insights Seminar Series, jointly organised with the School of Psychology)
Professor Abigail Barr
University of Nottingham

10 Feb 17

Volatility of Industrial Output, Demand Fluctuations, and International Trade (with Adina Ardelean and Miguel Leon-Ledesma)

Dr Laura Puzzello
Monash University

15 Feb 17

Ethnic Favoritism: An Axiom of Politics?

Dr Giacomo Deluca
University of York

17 Feb 17

Jobs for Justice(s): Corruption in the Supreme Court of India Dr Madhav Aney
Singapore Management University

22 Feb 17

Labor supply in the past, present, and future: a balanced growth perspective (with Per Krusell)

Dr Timo Boppart
IIES Stockholm

23 Feb 17

MaGHiC seminar: The Profit Share, the Labor Share, and Monetary Policy Shocks (with F Ferroni and M Leon-Ledesma) Dr Cristiano Cantore
University of Surrey

24 Feb 17

Piggy-back exporting, intermediation, and the distributional gains from trade in agricultural markets (with Silvana Tenreyro) Dr Swati Dhingra

01 Mar 17

Inequality in conflicts Dr Santiago Sanchez-Pages
King's College London

02 Mar 17

Implications of Taxes and Transfers for Labor Market Fluctuations (joint with Youngsoo Jang and Minchul Yum)   Dr Takeki Sunakawa
Kobe University

03 Mar 17

Expansionary contractions and fiscal free lunches: too good to be true? Professor Richard McManus
Canterbury Christchurch University

08 Mar 17

A simple underidentification test for linear IV models, with an application to dynamic panel data models Professor Frank Windmeijer
University of Bristol
9 Mar 17

Rice Farming and the Emergence of Co-operative Behaviour
(part of the Behavioural Insights Seminar Series, jointly organised with the School of Psychology)
Dr Michael Naef
University of London, Royal Holloway

10 Mar 17

Media Competition with Targeted Advertising: How Media Polarization Attenuates Political Polarization (with Samarth Gupta) Dr Benjamin Ogden
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)/Texas A&M University
15 Mar 17 Taxing the Rich or Insuring the Poor Professor Kalle Moene
University of Oslo
29 Mar 17 Disrupting Education? Experimental Evidence on Technology-Aided Instruction in India (with Karthik Muralidharan and Alejandro J Ganimian) Dr Abhijeet Singh
31 Mar 17
The Interdependence of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy under the Zero Lower Bound (with Stefania Villa)

Dr Vivien Lewis
University of Leuven

05 Apr 17 Financial Fragility and Unconventional Central Bank Lending Operations Dr Christiaan Van Der Kwaak
University of Groningen
26 Apr 17 Firm Dynamics with Frictional Product and Labor Markets Professor Leo Kaas
University of Konstanz
28 Apr 17
On Overborrowing: Trend Shocks and Capital Controls (with Emircan Yurdagul) Dr Hernan Seoane
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
31 May 17 New Shocks under Financial Frictions Dr Christoph Gortz
University of Birmingham
07 Jun 17
Wealth, Marriage, and Sex Selection (with Girija Borker, Jan Eeckhout, Nancy Luke, Shantidani Minz and Soumya Swaminathan) Professor Kaivan Munshi
University of Cambridge
09 Jun 17

Entrepreneurship, Agency Frictions and Redistributive Capital Taxation (with Corina Boar) Dr Matthew Knowles
University of Leicester
14 Jun 17

Gazes and Numbers: Two Experiments on Strategic Sophistication and Gender Biases

Dr Maria Cubel
Brunel University
16 Jun 17 Time Allocation in Friendship Networks Dr Leonie Baumann
University of Cambridge
03 Jul 17 Assessment of primary health care decentralization on diabetes indicators: The case of Brazilian HiperDia program Dr Marislei Nishijima
University of Sao Paulo


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