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Keynes College, University of KentThe School of Economics hosts research seminars each week, during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, organised by Dr Anthony Savagar and Dr Anirban Mitra.

Seminar speakers are usually visiting academics from universities and institutions in the UK and abroad. Last academic year we had 44 visiting speakers, including a number from overseas institutions.

In addition, the School and its research centres host a number of internal and external research events through the year.

School seminars

Summer term 2017/18

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
02 May 18 Wed 15.30 KLT2 Revisiting the Fiscal Theory of Sovereign Risk from a DSGE Viewpoint

Professor Eiji Okano
Nagoya City University and
Birkbeck, University of London

04 May 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Ambiguity in the Centipede Game (with Jurgen Eichberger and Simon Grant) Professor David Kelsey
University of Exeter
09 May 18 Wed 15.30 KLT2

Agnostic Structural Disturbances (ASDs): Detecting and Reducing Misspecification (with Thomas Drechsel)

Professor Wouter den Haan
11 May 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Information in Bureaucracy: Evidence from Ethiopia (with Ravi Somani) Dr Daniel Rogger
World Bank
18 May 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Balanced externalities and the Shapley value (with Robert Sugden) Dr Ben McQuillin
University of East Anglia
25 May 18 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Employment adjustments following rises and reductions in minimum wages: New insights from a survey experiment (with Mario Bossler and Michael Oberfichtner) Professor Claus Schnabel
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
01 Jun 18 Fri 15.30 KLT2 Shocks and Adjustments: The View through Okun’s Macroscope (with Mary C. Daly, Oscar Jorda and Fernanda Nechio) Dr John Fernald
INSEAD and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
15 Aug 18 Fri 15.30 KLT2

The Impact of Chinese Competition along the Quality Ladder: Evidence from French Exporters (with Paul Piveteau)

Dr Gabriel Smagghue
University Carlos III of Madrid

Spring term 2017/18

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
17 Jan 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Does pre-play social interaction improve negotiation outcomes?

Professor Pablo Brañas Garza
Middlesex University London

19 Jan 18 Fri 17.00 KLT5 MaGHiC Lecture: Barriers to entry and regional economic growth in China (with Loren Brandt and Gueorgui Kambourov)

Professor Kjetill Storesletten
University of Oslo

24 Jan 18 Wed 15.30


Innovation and Trade Policy in a Globalized World Dr Giammario Impullitti
University of Nottingham
02 Feb 18 Fri 12.00 KLT2 Firm Dynamics in the Neoclassical Growth Model (with Fabrice Collard) Professor Omar Licandro
University of Nottingham
07 Feb 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Matching with myopic and farsighted players (with P Jean-Jacques Herings and Vincent Vannetelbosch)

Professor Ana Mauleon
Université Catholique de Louvain

14 Feb 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Like Father, Like Son: Occupational Choice, Intergenerational Persistence and Misallocation (with Salvatore Lo Bello)

Dr Iacopo Morchio
University of Vienna
21 Feb 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3

Potential Output Pessimism and Austerity in the European Union (with Kaushik Mitra)

Dr Pei Kuang
University of Birmingham
23 Feb 18 Fri 12.00 KLT2

Transfers within the Extended Family in Burkina Faso: Motives and Consequences

Dr Renate Hartwig
University of Namur
28 Feb 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Religion, Division of Labor and Conflict: Anti-Semitism in German Regions over 600 Years (with S Becker) Dr Luigi Pascali
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
07 Mar 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Does revealing personality data affect prosocial behaviour? Dr Michalis Drouvelis
University of Birmingham
09 Mar 18 Fri 12.00 KLT2 Policy Rent Seeking, Growth and Inequality in a Model with Voracity and Heterogeneous Groups Dr Peter Claeys
University of Kent and Vrije Universiteit Brussel
12 Mar 18 Mon 12.00


Efficiency And Equity Of Land Policy In Developing Country Cities: Evidence From The Mumbai Mills Redevelopment(with Nick Tsivanidis) Dr Michael Gechter
PennState University
14 Mar 18 Wed 15.30


Optimal Fiscal Transfers in a Monetary Union (with Mikhail Dmitriev) Dr Jonathan Hoddenbagh
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
21 Mar 18 Wed 16.00 KLT3 The effect of inequality and competition on productivity through team spirit Professor Shaun Hargreaves Heap
King's College London
28 Mar 18 Wed 15.30 KLT3 Insurance Networks and Poverty Traps Dr Arun Advani
University of Warwick

Autumn term 2017/18

Date Day Time Venue Topic Speaker
8 Sep 17 Fri 12.00 KLT3 Can the Laffer curve for consumption tax be hump-shaped? (with Kazuki Hiraga)

Professor Kengo Nutahara
Senshu University & Canon Institute for Global Studies

20 Sep 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Understanding Belief Formation: Evidence from Pension Reform in Europe

Professor Marco Francesconi
University of Essex

22 Sep 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6 PAYGO vs Funded pensions: A numerical analysis Dr Michael Hatcher
University of Southampton
27 Sep 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3

Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics (with Daron Acemoglu)

Professor Martin Kaae Jensen
University of Leicester
11 Oct 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 High-Cost Debt and Borrower Reputation: Evidence from the UK (with Andres Liberman and Daniel Paravisini) Dr Vikram Pathania
University of Sussex
13 Oct 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6

The Nature of Firm Growth (with Benjamin Pugsley and Petr Sedlacek)

Dr Vincent Sterk
20 Oct 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6

Looking after Number Two? Competition, Cooperation and Workplace Interaction

Professor John Sessions
University of Bath
25 Oct 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Delegation of Regulation (with Tore Nilssen) Dr Tapas Kundu
Oslo Akershus University
27 Oct 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6 How much Keynes and how much Schumpeter? An estimated Macromodel of the US Economy (with Beatrice Pataracchia, Marco Ratto and Philipp Pfeiffer) Professor Guido Cozzi
University of St Gallen
1 Nov 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Multi-Product Firms, Import Competition, and the Evolution of Firm-product Technical Efficiencies (with Emmanuel Dhyne, Amil Petrin and Valérie Smeets) Professor Frederic Warzynski
Aarhus University
8 Nov 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 The importance of being earliest: Birth order and educational outcomes along the socioeconomic ladder in Mexico Dr Sunil Mitra Kumar
King's College London
15 Nov 17 Wed 16.00


Regularized Generalized Empirical Likelihood Estimators (with Marine Carrasco) Dr Rachidi Kotchoni
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
16 Nov 17 Thur 17.00 KLT6 Aging, Inflation and the Phillips Curve (with Tomoo Inoue, Chihiro Shimizu and Yongheng Deng) Professor Kiyohiko Nishimura
Bank of Japan
17 Nov 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Creative Destruction and Uncertainty Dr Petr Sedlacek
University of Oxford
22 Nov 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Computerizing Industries and Routinizing Jobs: Explaining Trends in Aggregate Productivity (with Sangmin Aum and Yongseok Shin) Dr Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee
University of Toulouse
23 Nov 17 Thu 16.00 KS15 Testing distributional assumptions using a continuum of moments (with Dante Amengual and Enrique Sentana) Professor Marine Carrasco
University of Montreal
29 Nov 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Youth Enfranchisement, Political Responsiveness, and Education Expenditure: Evidence from the US Dr Alessia Russo
BI Norwegian Business School
6 Dec 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Coordination and Focality Under Gain-Loss Framing: Experimental Evidence (with Krista J Saral) Dr Odile Poulsen
University of East Anglia
8 Dec 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Labor Market Effects of the Affordable Care Act: Evidence from a Tax Notch (with Kavan Kucko and Kevin Rinz) Dr Benjamin Solow
Georgetown University
13 Dec 17 Wed 16.00 KLT3 Intercept Estimation in (Non)-Additive Semiparametric Sample Selection Models (with Wiji Arulampalam and Daniel Gutknecht) Professor Valentina Corradi
University of Surrey
15 Dec 17 Fri 12.00 KLT6 Protectionism and the Business Cycle (with Alessandro Barattieri and Fabio Ghironi) Dr Matteo Cacciatore
HEC Montreal


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