Centre for Language and Linguistics

Centre for Language and Linguistics

Director: Eleni Kapogianni

Deputy Director: Angelos Lengeris

Founded in 2008, the Centre for Language and Linguistics (CLL) aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in linguistic research and teaching. Membership embraces not just the members of English Language & Linguistics but also other members from the School of European Culture and Languages (SECL) with an interest in the study of language, as well as researchers in philosophy, computing, psychology and anthropology, reflecting the many and varied routes by which individuals come to a love of language and an interest in the various disciplines and sub-disciplines of linguistics. The Centre's activities include:

Guest Lectures

Our Guest Lecture series runs throughout the academic year, and is open to all members of the university as well as the general public. Contributions from researchers in all areas of linguistic enquiry are welcome. If you would like to present your work at CLL, contact the director of the Centre. For an overview of the current schedule, see CLL events. The lectures take place on Wednesday evenings (5-6:30 p.m.) in the odd weeks of each term.

Reading Groups

Three readings groups convene throughout the academic year in the even weeks of each term: Syntax, Stylistics and Language & Cognition. Everyone is welcome to join our regular discussions of thought-provoking papers, and to suggest readings. Please contact the group convenor if you would like to join Syntax (Vikki Janke), Stylistics (Jeremy Scott) or Language & Cognition (Christina Kim) reading group.

Research Internships

During the Summer Term, CLL offers a number of research internships (which are registered with the Employability Points scheme at the University of Kent). The internships provide an opportinuty for undegraduate and graduate students to take part in current research projects in English Language and Linguistics, and are voluntary. If you are interested in doing a summer internship with CLL, contact the director of the Centre about the positions available.

School of European Culture & Languages, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NX

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 827159 or email the School of European Culture & Languages

Last Updated: 16/06/2017