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Macroeconomics, Growth and History Centre (MaGHiC)


Date Event
8-9 May 2019 Kent Macro and Finance Workshop, 12.30, Sibson Lecture Theatre 2 (SBLT2)
4 April 2019 8th MaGHiC PhD Workshop, 13.00-15.00, Keynes Seminar Room 4 (KS4)
1 March 2019 Workshop: Labor income share developments: drivers and policy implications. Jointly organised by the Bank of Greece and MaGHiC. Venue: Bank of Greece, Athens
19 November 2018 7th MaGHiC PhD Workshop, 13.00-18.00, Jennison Seminar Room 1 (JS1)
9 November 2018 IntraMaGHiC Internal Workshop: 14.00-17.30 (KLT5)
19-20 April 2018 Conference: 5th Money, Macroeconomics and Finance PhD Conference 2018
Sponsored by the Bank of England, MaGHiC (Kent), CIMS (Surrey) and the MMF
15 March 2018 6th MaGHiC PhD Workshop, 14.00-18.00, Cornwallis North West, Seminar Room 5 (CNWsr5)
19 January 2018 MaGHiC Lecture: Kjetil Storesletten (University of Oslo), 'Barriers to entry and regional economic growth in China' (with Loren Brandt and Gueorgui Kambourov). 17.00-18.30 in KLT5
16 October 2017 5th MaGHiC PhD Workshop, 13.00-17.00, Eliot College, Room E.Lyons
5 May 2017 Workshop: AMSE and MaGHiC Macroeconomic Workshop 2017, Aix-en-Provence
26 April 2017 Seminar: Professor Leo Kaas (Konstanz University)
16 March 2017 4th PhD Workshop
10 February 2017 Seminar: Dr Laura Puzzello (Monash University)
23 February 2017 Seminar: Dr Cristiano Cantore (University of Surrey), 'The Profit Share, the Labor Share, and Monetary Policy Shocks'
13 January 2017 Lecture: Professor Ricardo Reis (LSE), 'Optimal Automatic Stabilizers'
9-10 December 2016 Workshop: 'Structural Transformation and Economic Dynamics'
29 September 2016 3rd MaGHiC PhD Workshop
18 May 2016 Seminar: Dr Hitoshi Hayakawa (Hokkaido University and Aix-Marseilles University), 'Liquidity saving mechanism in an interconnected payment network'
29 January 2016 2nd MaGHiC PhD Workshop
15 January 2016 Lecture: Professor Francesco Caselli (LSE), 'Power struggles and the natural resource curse'
25 November 2015 Lecture: Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton)
11 November 2015 Seminar: Dr Keisuke Otsu (Kent), 'Population Aging and the Postwar Japanese Economy'
1 September 2015 MaGHiC PhD workshop
20 March 2015 Workshop: 'Macroeconomic Challenges in the International Economy', Aix-en-Provence.
Joint event organised by MaGHiC and GREQAM, AMSE
16 January 2015 MaGHiC Inaugural Lecture: Professor José-Víctor Ríos-Rull (University of Minnesota), 'Financial frictions, asset prices and the Great Recession' (with Zhen Huo)
18 December 2014 Macroeconomics workshop: 'Labour Markets, Public Policy and the Business Cycle'
5 June 2014 Kent Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) meeting on 'Labor markets and human capital in historical perspective'

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