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PerformAzioni International Workshop Festival

22nd March – 8th April 2011
LIV – Performing Arts Centre, Bologna, Italy
The theme for this edition of PerformAzioni is Updating Tradition. The festival will offer a program of training and theatre education that will inspire a deep exploration of the actor's craft. Professional performers will have the opportunity to gain different techniques ranging from physical and vocal training, to dance and martial arts, with the purpose of applying traditional and ritual arts elements to the contemporary performing arts.
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BRAC ISLAND (CROATIA) 10-20. August 2010
Performing Stream

NHANDAN CHIRCO is an Italian performing artist, she is author of several dance-theater projects; she began her theatrical formation by a four years working period at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski e Thomas Richards in Pontedera. She actually lives among Italy and Serbia, working both in Italy and in foreign countries and especially collaborating with artists and institutions of Eastern Europe, as Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

About the workshop: The aim of the work is to explore possibilities and resources that start from a physical approach to performing arts. More

Au Brana 2010 Summer Residency.
12th July – 7th August.
The Au Brana Cultural Centre, Southern France.

A unique opportunity to consolidate yourself as a physically and vocally expressive performer.

Au Brana, in collaboration with a selection of associated artists, proposes 4 weeks of intensive theatre training culminating in a public presentation at the centre. Participants will work 6-day weeks and a minimum of 6 hours a day with theatre training led by OBRA Theatre Company, Matej Matejka (Theatre Zar, Farm in the Cave) and Christopher Sivertsen (The Awake Project, Song of the Goat). Another practitioner, yet to be confirmed, will also lead a 2-day master class.
This is a unique opportunity for artists to plunge into their creative practice, in relation to an ensemble and guided by highly regarded international practitioners in an environment purpose built to support such total immersion.
The residency is limited to 15 participants, all of whom will live and work on-site at Au Brana, a formerly ruined farm now transformed into a beautiful haven offering a tranquil and focussed creative environment. More

‘Towards Organic Presence’ – A workshop with Katharina Seyferth International Centre for Theatrical Research and Training
Las Téoulères, Gers, France
17July – 7 August 2010

‘Towards Organic Presence’ is a practical exploration of the body, the voice and movement. The workshop proposes a series of precisely structured actions, which enable the actor to connect to his own movement and rhythm, personal associations, the flow of his inner living pulsations and natural voice. It provides participants with the opportunity to focus on physical and vocal exercises within a team as well as individually. More

Former Teatr Laboratorium actress Rena Mirecka conducted a session of ‘The Way’ here at the University of Kent at Canterbury on 6th-20th June.
The laboratory was open to everyone.
To find out more please contact:
Stefania Gardecka:
or Virginie Magnat:

Physical theatre workshop - London 4-8 May

In Zeitgeist Theatre Grotowski based physical theatre workshop. Facilitated by Dawid Zakowski (Associate Director and Actor with Stuidium Teatralne and currently collaborating with award winning Piesn kozla (Song of the Goat). No previous physical theatre experience required, just a willingness to learn and be creative. This workshop is for actors who wish to further develop or discover physicality and gain an understanding of combining text and physicality, and also an introduction to devising physical theatre and text.

Ran from the 4th-8th May in London.

A Workshop in Musicality, Movement and Shakespeare

25th - 29th May 2009. Au Brana Cultural Centre, Southern France.

A dynamic, physical and musical theatre training that aims for the heart, awakens the spirit and opens the mind’s eye. Led by actor, director and musician, Anna-Helena McLean with Indian Harmonium & ‘cello, this work draws on elements of Gardzienice’s training, acrobatic partner exercises, the art of gesture, indigenous folk & gypsy songs and original music. more


JULY 7 - AUGUST 5, 2009

UNESCO has designated 2009 as the “Year of Grotowski” and this month-long Laboratory includes five work sessions led by artists from different cultures and generations who share a direct connection with Jerzy Grotowski’s legacy through their participation in the various periods of his life-long practical research. Participants will also be invited to attend a Festival featuring performances by work leaders and guest artists, as well as a Special Day (collaborative paratheatrical project), and a final Day of Sharing, which will include presentations, films, and discussions. More

The Atelier logoATELIER 2009
To the Light
The Grotowski Institute
8–31 August 2009
Directed by Grzegorz Ziolkowski
The Atelier consists of a series of practical and theoretical work sessions for actors, singers, dancers, and directors, with the aim of working on craft in the primary meaning of the word. Craft involves the ability to discover creative motivation within oneself, to make use of tools and to keep the working spaces in order (both studio and environmental spaces and the spaces of the body and the voice). These elements comprise the skeleton of the actor’s creative preparation for action, the core of which is re-cognition and dedication. More

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The Leaden Ball

Orma Fluens hosted a worksession led by Gey Pin Ang in the House-Laboratory Vallenera (TR).
The residential intensive workshop Sourcing Within 2009 took place from April 25 to 30, 2009.



A 4 day workshop in Musicality, Movement and Shakespeare in New York City this March.

The Queen and Fool: archetypes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

More information about the workshop here
The workshop took place on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th March.

The workshop was co-led by Anna-Helena McLean, musician and actor trained at the Gardzienice Centre for Theatre practices directed by Wlodzimierz Staniewski and Christopher Sivertsen from the critically acclaimed theatre company from Poland, Song of the Goat and founding director of The Awake Project and The Breathing Performer,

Anna was last in New York running Archetypes in Shakespeare - an intensive investigation of Voice, Musicality, Movement and Text with Pamela Prather from Yale School of Drama with great success. You can view a gallery of shots from a previous New York session here.
This return represents the next stage of this work and research.

Three day workshop

Mon 9th – Wed 11th March, 10:00am – 4:00pm
£50 for three days
20% off for the first two people to book this week!

2009 in the ‘Year of Grotowski,’ marking the 10th anniversary of his death. The workshop will draw on the theories and techniques of the great polish director, concentrating on physical theatre and working closely with various texts. More

TARA, 356 Garratt Lane - London - SW18 4ES
Tel: +44 (0)20 8333 4457 Fax: +44 (0)20 8870 9540

Giuliano Campo at the Worth School, 30th January more

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Sources’ Research Milòn Mèla
Workshop in India

Two sessions:
25 Nov - 15 Dec. 2008
15 Dec - 14 Jan. 2009

The core of the Source’s Research project lies in the practical work.
Every year in the months of November, December and January two work-sessions take place at Theatre House (Santiniketan /Bolpur, West Bengal). The proposal implies the journey to India, in an area, which is not on the tourist map itineraries.
The workshop is guided by Abani Biswas in collaboration with more than 30 traditional artist and masters from ancient Indian disciplines: Bauls musicians form Bengal, Chhau dancers from Jarkhand, masters of martial art Kalaripayattu from Kerala, Gotipua dancers from Orissa. More

November 13th -17th 2008 Rena Mirecka, Teatr Laboratorium Jerzy Grotowski actress, will lead workshop 'The Way in India' at the Centre of Abani Biswas Theatre House – Khele Danga (Santiniketan) India
You are welcome !
Total costs: fee accomodation and food is 290 euro.
More details
If you want to participate please fill in the application form (doc) and send to

5-days worksession by Gey Pin Ang:
July 1st-5th in Terni, Italy, is organized by Skene': further information here, and/or write to

Chorea Theatre Association are launching their summer international workshops, led by world wide known practitioners Tomasz Rodowicz and members of the CHOREA Theatre Association, offering a challenging mixture of extreme physicality and vocal work, which transform the actor to a total performer.
The workshop leaders have more than 30 years experience of training actors, using Grotowski based techniques and routines that Tomasz Rodowicz has developed in workshops given across the continents from the USA to Japan, Greece and UK.
The aim of the workshop is to initiate in the actor's body multiple ways of expression, allowing the combination of movement and voice, looking for the common source of bodily and vocal gesture, and creating a unity of expression for the actor as an individual and the actor as an organic part of a group.
The workshop will consist in an intensive physical training using acrobatics, development of the vocal abilities of the actor for a strong vocal stage presence, complex exercises on rhythm, use of space, partner work and development of the dynamic and energy generated by chorus work.
Fragments from ancient Greek texts and traditional songs from different cultures will serve as material for performance.

The workshops will take place in July 2008 between the 13th and 20th in Łódź, Poland.
Participants will have the opportunity to work in a post-industrial environment and see fragments of CHOREA's previous work presented in Fabryka Sztuki (CHOREA's residence space) alternative spaces.

Cost: 250Euros (excluding accommodation (15-25 Euros per day) and food)
Deadline application: 15th May 2008.

August 2008 between the 17th and the 27th in the mountains of Srebrna Góra, 'The Silver Mountain'
70km from Wroclaw, Chorea's second performance space, a unique performance space in an old Protestant Church.
Cost: 350Euros (excluding accommodation (10-15Euros per day) and food)

Deadline application: 30th May 2008.
To apply please send CV and a brief letter about yourself and how you heard about CHOREA to:

Teatr Pieśń Kozła - Song of the Goat Theatre
Teatr Pieśń Kozła logo

The work will focus on introducing and exploring the company’s approach to actor training and creative work through a coordinated development of voice, body and imagination. The material and techniques offered will be adapted to suit each particular group. The participants will learn by exploring:
Coordination, Harmony, Polyphony, Rhythm, Dramaturgy, Acrobatics, Singing Body

30th June - 4th July Vocal Techniques and Voice Phenomena Workshop
14th July - 18th July Actors Techniques Workshop
21st July - 25th July Actors Techniques Workshop
18th August - 22nd August Actors Techniques Workshop
25th August - 29th August Actors Techniques Workshop

The cost for each workshop is 300 euros exclusive of transport and accomodation. Application form (pdf)
please email for more info

The Foundation for THE GROTOWSKI INSTITUTE Wroclaw, Poland
invites for
1–27 July 2008

Directed by: Jaroslaw Fret and Dr. Grzegorz Ziolkowski
The Atelier consists of a series of practical and theoretical work sessions for actors, musicians, singers, dancers, and theatre people with the aim to work on the craft in the primary meaning of the word. The craft is a skill of discovering creative motivation in oneself, of using tools, of keeping in order the working spaces (actual spaces and spaces of the body and the voice). These elements build a skeleton of actor’s creative preparation for actions, the core of which are re-cognition and dedication.
Atelier 2008 will be centered on the problem of suspension of expression as the creative need and force in the actor’s art. More
Application Form

5-days worksession by Gey Pin Ang:
June 10th-14th in Wroclaw, Poland organized by the Grotowski Institute: for further information please write to

Actor - Chorus - Text will be taking place in the mountains of Srebrna Góra (The Silver Mountain) from the 12th to the 17th of the coming month (arrival 11th, departure 18th May).
Srberna Góra is near Kotlina Klodzka and 70 km from the the city of Wroclaw in Poland and with good travel connections (transport details available on request). The training will take place in an old Protestant Church which has been renovated by the CHOREA theatre company, along with the accommodation quarters, creating one of the most beautiful theatre venues in the country. More
Application Form here

University of Kent, Canterbury
Aphra Theatre (and across campus)
Wednesday 28 May 2008
A day of workshops, meeting and performance with remarkable Indian ensemble Milón Méla (The Coming Together Fair), as part of their first ever UK residency. More
MILON MELA UKC News article

Zygmunt Molik: Wroclaw, Poland March 14-18 2008, Rena Mirecka laboratory 20-24 February and 23-27 April 2008.
For information contact:

Easter Lab attendees
The British Grotowski Project addresses practitioners, teachers and performers who want to investigate Polish director Jerzy Grotowski’s practical legacy and examine how to develop further current performance practice inspired by this starting point. This laboratory is a chance for groups and individuals with a specific interest in this area to progress their practice through intensive work led by three British performers/teachers, who have extensive experience in work connected to Grotowski.
The 6 day laboratory took place on the Canterbury campus at the University of Kent from Monday 14th – Saturday 19th April, 2008. More

Training Opportunity with Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret, Denmark) Triangle's The Last Women.
Triangle, under the artistic direction of Carran Waterfield is offering an opportunity for interested performers to work with Roberta Carreri of Odin Teatret and singer, composer Jo Foster in January 2008 as part of The Last Women performance and event programme.
The Last Women concerns stories of hanged women from 7 towns/cities beginning in Coventry with Mary Ball - a ribbon weaver (1849) and ending in London with Ruth Ellis - the last woman to be hanged in Britain (1955). The project will develop over a year and then tour to seven towns/cities in 2009.
The month's work comprises of several occasions for interested practitioners/participants to become involved as follows:

9-10 January - Masterclass with Roberta Carreri and the company
11 January - The Last Women Forum event with the company
15 January - Evening panel event with Roberta Carreri, Jo Foster and a mystery guest
16- 17 January - Masterclass with Jo Foster, Roberta Carreri and Carran Waterfield
18 January - The Last Women Forum event with the company
29th January - Evening panel event with John Burton, local historian, Linda Mayne and Robert Muscutt (descendants of Mary Ball)
For more information and for a fuller description of content of workshop and event programme please go to Gateway One Participant download on Triangle homepage.


Deadline for application December 20, 2007

The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards will hold a selection session starting February 4, 2008 in Pontedera, Italy. Candidates chosen at the end of Selection session must agree to participate in the activities of the Workcenter for a minimum of one year. They must be able to pay their own travel, food and accommodation expenses during their year of work. However, there is the possibility for individual cases that chosen candidates might receive a scholarship.
Please send a letter of motivation and a complete Curriculum Vitae, including date of birth, actual address, phone number and email address (email is obligatory), to:
Email applications must arrive by December 20, 2007.
(for those who need Visa to enter Italy, applications should be send as soon as possible)

Worksessions with Ang Gey Pin:
Singapore actress Ang Gey Pin’s professional trajectory is very unique. Gey Pin’s theatre apprenticeship began in her native Singapore in 1986. She graduated from the Theatre Department at the University of Hawaii in 1992. Gey Pin has a strong interest in Chinese heritage and she has researched many ancient Chinese texts, traditional songs, drumming and also Tai Chi. A former member of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy, Gey Pin was the lead actress in One breath left (1998 - 2002) and Dies Irae: My Preposterous Theatrum Interioris Show (2003 - 2006). Gey Pin now teaches and performs across the world.

Worksession January 2008 Residential Worksession with Gey Pin Ang, Central Italy, January 4th-10th, 2008. 7 full days of intensive theatrical work (Physical Training, Singing, Development of Individual Work) in a country house-laboratory near Rome. To participate please send a CV and a motivation letter to . Fee is 420€, including full meals and lodging. more

Laboratory by
9-13 November 2007.
phone/fax : 0030-2810-311000,0030-2810-263659,
Mobile :0030-6945898204
OMMA STUDIO THEATRE can provide cheap double bed rooms.
For entry contact Antonis Diamantis.

October 18 to October 31, 2007
The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards will be conducting a two-week International Work Encounter in Wroclaw, Poland within its Project Horizons.
This practical work encounter, which will focus on acting and singing skills, directing capacities, montage techniques and/or dramaturgic elaboration, will be led by Thomas Richards and the Workcenter team.

Active Culture in Germany - Peter Rose Program of Practical Works 2007-10
Performer Training\ Performance\ Active Culture
Inaugural Meeting August 13th – September 2nd, 2007

Full details and programme
Peter Morgan workshops

C.I.R.T. is searching for new members to be part of the Project "Radicamento". Those selected, will follow an intense period of physical, vocal and performative work divided in two parts. The work will be daily about 7 to 9 hours for 5 to 6 days a week.
Depending on the program there are possible periods of work outside Milan.
The future members of the group should be economically independent for all the period of the project. The work should be considered a type of apprenticeship of theatre research where no money is asked for or given.
Directed by Mario Ruggeri
Date: The selection lasts three days from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th of October 2007
Place: Milan, Italy, near the quarter Greco
Full Details
A.I.R.A. Associazione Indipendente Ricerca Artistica, terrà nei giorni 27 e 28 ottobre una selezione per "Progetto Controcorrente", che avrà luogo a Milano dal 30 ottobre al 6 dicembre 2007. More
Giornate Aperte di Lavoro Teatrale: LA MAPPA E IL TERRITORIO More

Unearthing Archetypes in Shakespeare's text.
An Intensive Investigation of Voice, Movement & the Musicality
of Text
2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2007
New York City
. More

The British Grotowski Project is pleased to invite the former members of Grotowski’s Teatr Laboratorium, Rena Mirecka and Zygmunt Molik, to lead two work sessions. This is the first time they have worked in Britain for many years and is a rare occasion to work with both these expert teachers in the UK.
Rena Mirecka
Laboratory ‘The Way’
18-22nd June Max 18 people
Zygmunt Molik
Voice and Body Workshop
26-30th June Max 18 people
Rena Mirecka and Zygmunt Molik

Gardzienice Theatre, Poland.

Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards - March 2007 selection session

Grotowski Institute Workshops, Wroclaw, Poland
Education Programme
Work sessions led by Zygmunt Molik and Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Two French venues for workshops: and

Two Italian venues for workshops:

COSmino Theatre, London, UK. More info - Word document

The Drift Project in Epping Forest
see and

Song of the Goat/Piesn Kozla Workshops in Poland
2007 Song of the Goat
Workshop technique
Application form

Worksession in Italy with Gey Pin Ang - More details

Full project from the 8th to the 26th of June 2007
Workshop "Theatre and Nature": 10th to 15th of June
Workshop "From Improvisation to Performance": 17th to 23rd of June
More details
Indipendent Centre Theatre Research
Indipendent Association Artistic Research

Centro Indipendente Ricerca Teatrale
Giornate di lavoro teatrale
offerta libera
Da Venerdì 24 a Domenica 26 Novembre 2006
Mario Ruggeri e Andrea Fici
Mario Ruggeri è attore da 23 anni. Nel 2000 ha fondato il C.I.R.T.
con il quale ha prodotto diversi studi e performances (
Il C.I.R.T. Promuove progetti in Italia e all’estero.
Il lavoro:
Lavoro Fisico: Plastics, corsa nello spazio,esercizi singoli e concatenati, abbandono del peso
Lavoro Vocale: Suono,voce,canto,improvvisazione
Lavoro performativo: Improvvisazioni singole,di gruppo,a tema.
Venerdì: 18.00-22.00 Sabato/Domenica: 10.00-22.
Luogo d'incontro:
Milano- piazza Greco
Il seminario è aperto a tutti
Per iscrizioni:338 1473590 -


1. Theatrical workshop by the Spanish actor Pere Sais:
'Corporality of vibratory chant and word'
7, 8, 9 December 2006
A three day workshop, four hours per day - cost:130 euros.
Description of the workshop and Pere Sais's CV

2. Theatre workshop with Italian actress and dancer Nhandan Circo
1, 2, 3 February 2007 - Further details

3. Theatre workshop with the Polish actor-director: Przemislaw Wasilkowski
9,10,11,12, March 2007

Omma Studio Theatre can arrange cheap double rooms in a hotel near the theatre, for those who are interested to attend the workshop.
+30-2810311000, +2810263659, +30-6945898204, Antonis Diamantis
Omma Studio Theatre sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture

More details
Studium Teatralne is an association existing since 1997 in Praga Poludnie district of Warsaw at 30/32 Lubelska street.
The work of Studium Teatralne aspires to an integration and self-education of the group which considers self-perfecting and gaining knowledge of the art of the theatre as its calling.
Studium Teatralne aims at deepening and spreading the feeling of an artistic truth by the art of the theatre, through reaching the broadest layers of the society – the young generation in particular.

Para Active and the British Grotowski Project invite Jola Cynkutis (Poland) & Khalid Tyabji (India) to present:

Structured around the search for self-recognition it begins with learning precise physical elements. They aim to awaken, open up and free the whole organism – muscles, soul and voice – and therefore help it to experience in its fullest the dialogue with oneself and between oneself and the world. The work requires laboratory conditions (time and concentration). It may be structured as a launch towards performance.

Dates: 27th and 28th January 2007 £50 for the weekend
Venue: Lumley Studio, University of Kent, Canterbury
Contact: or Nwando on 07916 278949



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