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We are very happy to have been awarded a conference grant from Kent's Faculty of Sciences Research Funding . The grant was used to set up new research links with the quantum fluids group at the University of East Anglia.

A first two day meeting between the Kent topological soliton group, the quantum fluid group (in particular Davide Proment and Hayder Salman ) and SPOCK (David Foster) took place on 23/06/-24/6/2015 in Norwich.

The meeting is hoped to be one of many, fostering research collaboration and PhD training within the Eastern Arc .

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GMNMC 2014

August, 2014

The Geometric Models of Nuclear Matter Conference (GMNMC) was held from Monday, 18/08/2014 to Wednesday, 20/08/2014 at the University of Kent. The meeting brought together 30 mathematicians and physicists working on various aspects of the Skyrme model and related models and its applications to nuclear and astrophysics. Topics included:

  • (near) BPS Skyrme models
  • Skyrmions and Nuclear Physics
  • Holographic Skyrmions
  • New results in related models (e.g. Hopf solitons, monopoles, solitons coupled to gravity)
  • Geometric models of matter

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