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1st Eastern Arc Conference on Topological Solitons and Quantum Fluids

There will be a conference on Topological Solitons and Quantum Fluids at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, on Tuesday, 23/06/2015, and Wednesday, 24/06/2015. A detailed schedule can be downloaded here. The conference is supported by a conference grant from the University of Kent Faculty of Sciences Research Funding. We also would like to thank the School of Mathematics at the University of East Anglia for funding our lunch and coffee breaks.

Preliminary List of Talks

Jennifer Ashcroft Baby Skyrme models without a potential term
David Foster Scattering of Nucleons in the Classical Skyrme Model
Mareike Haberichter E(2) Transitions within the Skyrme Model
Steffen Krusch Topological Solitons
Davide Maestrini Clustering and negative temperature in a point vortex gas
Abera Muhamed Hyperbolic vortices with magnetic impurities
Davide Proment Vortices in quantum fluids
Hayder Salman Acoustic Radiation by Superfluid Vortices
Hadi Susanto Moving impurities in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Alberto Villois Scattering between quantum vortices

Preliminary List of Participants:

Organising Committee

Please email Dr Steffen Krusch at, Dr Mareike Haberichter at, or Dr Davide Proment at in case you are interested in attending the conference. Women speakers, in particular, are encouraged to present a talk and attend the conference. Please contact one of the organisors to discuss what we can do to enable participation by people with children or family responsibilities. The London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics also make available grants to assist parents and carers to attend meetings.

Practical Information

Local travel information including maps may be found here.

Train information may be obtained from here.

Contact Info

Phone: +44(0)1227 827675

Address: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Canterbury CT2 7NF, U.K.


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