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Second Geometric Models of Nuclear Matter Conference

The second conference on geometric models of nuclear matter will take place from Monday, 12/09/2016 to Thursday, 15/09/2016. The conference is supported by conference grants from the London Mathematical Society, the IoP Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Group and the IoP Nuclear Physics Group. The talks will take place in the Maths Lecture Theatre at the SMSAS at Kent on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday, the talks will take place in Cornwallis East Seminar Room 2.

Please download the programme, the list of titles and abstracts and the conference poster.

The conference accommodation is located in Turing College (Block E), also see this map. Further information:

  • Check in: between 2pm and 10pm in Turing College reception

    In case of late arrival use the ‘Out of Hours’ telephone which is located outside the reception with a telephone number that dials through to Campus Security. Security will then come over and issue the bedroom key.

  • Check out: by 10am, keys returned to reception
  • Wi-Fi and parking permits issued at check in
  • Breakfast: 7.45am to 9.30am in Hut-8

The conference dinner will take place on Wednesday, 14/09/2016 at 7 pm in Cafe Rouge. The £20 for the three course dinner menu should be paid at the registration desk, or email for financial support.

List of talks

Christoph Adam Recent Results and Future Prospects of the Skyrme Model
Stefano Bolognesi Theta dependence and neutron electric dipole moment in Skyrme model and holographic QCD
Alexis Diaz-Torres Role of Nuclear Molecular Structures in Stellar Carbon Burning
Christian Aa. Diget Experiment and theory in light nuclei (part I) - structure and dynamics in 12C
Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek Geometry in Biology
David Foster Skyrmion knots
Guido Franchetti Flow of geometrical structures from Eguchi-Hanson to Taub-NUT space
Ruchi Garg Experiment and theory in light nuclei (part II) - deformations in 12C and 36Ar
Sven Bjarke Gudnason Skyrmions with low binding energies and supersymmetric Skyrmions
Mareike Haberichter Roper Resonances and Skyrmion Vibration Modes
Chris Halcrow Vibrational quantisation of Skyrmions
Derek Harland The Skyrme model and Chiral Perturbation Theory
Theodora Ioannidou T-dependent BPS Skyrmions
Chris King A dynamical alpha-cluster model of Oxygen-16
Kei-Ichi Kondo Connecting Non-Abelian magnetic monopole and vortex in Yang-Mills and Yang-Mills-Higgs theories
Nick Manton Four-dimensional Geometry and Atoms
Calum Ross Solutions of the Perturbed Freund Equations
Bernd Schroers Spectral properties of gravitational instantons
Yasha Shnir Boundary scattering in the phi^4 model
Robin Smith ``Hoyle be back'': The recurring problem of carbon-­‐12’s structure
Martin Speight Point particle models of lightly bound skyrmions
Paul Sutcliffe Phases of Kinky Holographic Nuclear Matter
Floris ter Braak Some aspects of the modified regularized long wave equation
Andrzej Wereszczynski The volume of solitons and the (baryon) chemical potential
Thomas Winyard Anisotropic Multi-component Superconductors
Wojtek Zakrzewski Quasi-integrability and some interesting aspects of some Toda field theories

Preliminary list of participants:

Organising Committee

This conference is organised by the topological soliton group at Kent. The local organising committee consists of Jenny Ashcroft, William Grummitt and Steffen Krusch with support from Clare Dunning. External help and advice comes from Mareike Haberichter and Dave Foster.

Please email Steffen Krusch at in case you are interested in attending the conference. Women speakers, in particular, are encouraged to present a talk and attend the conference. Please contact me to discuss what we can do to enable participation by people with children or family responsibilities. The London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics also make available grants to assist parents and carers to attend meetings.

Practical Information

Local travel information including maps may be found here.

Train information may be obtained from here.

Contact Info

Phone: +44(0)1227 827675

Address: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Canterbury CT2 7NF, U.K.


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