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Opening of the exhibition: Encounters with the Orient - Arabs in the West

Posted: 12.06.2016

Thursday 23 June from 16.00 o’clock to 19.00  o’clock (doors open at 15.30) in the Nina van Leer Hall at the Allard Pierson Museum. 

This summer, the Allard Pierson Museum brings the fascinating Orient to Amsterdam in a three-part exhibition. Egypt, Turkey and North Africa are all examined through the eyes of academics, each of whom introduces their own story.


Wise Men from the Orient (1600-1700) focuses on Oriental travellers who engaged in dialogue with academics from the Dutch Republic. This allowed interest in Arabic language and literature to flourish and helped to blur prejudices against Islam. The second part concentrates on Flinders Petrie (1853-1942), the eccentric Egyptologist who was famed for his fanatic documentary work and photography, but also for throwing tins of food against the wall to test if year-old provisions were still edible. And last but not least, the exhibition shines the spotlights on C. H. Emilie Haspels (1894-1980),the Netherlands' first female Archaeology professor and former Director of the Allard Pierson Museum. In the 1930s, she donned long trousers and headed to Turkey to supervise excavations.
The programme starts at 16:00 o’clock and sees the Allard Pierson Museum welcome various speakers, including the Turkish Ambassador in The Netherlands, HE Mr Sadık Arslan, to talk about the exhibition. Dr. John-Paul Ghobrial will hold a lecture on the relationship between Europe and the Ottoman Empire. At 17:00 o’clock, all guests are invited to visit the exhibition. The opening is during Ramadan and out of respect for some of our guests, the reception will be suitably modest.
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