Anglo-Franco-German Network in Representation Theory and its Applications

EPSRC Grant EP/R009279/1

January 2018 to December 2021

Please read the proposal, submitted by Stéphane Launois (PI) and Iain Gordon (CoI), for a description of the general aims of the network and the activities that we are planning to support. The scientific content and balance of the network's activities are overseen by a scientific steering commitee, which consists of:

We invite anyone with questions or comments related to this network to contact Stéphane Launois or Iain Gordon, or one of the members of Steering Committee.

The network is the successor to the Anglo-Franco-German Representation Theory Network" run by Radha Kessar and Iain Gordon.

Our activities run together with the CNRS partner network "GDRI Representation theory" in France coordinated by Nicolas Jacon and the transregional collaborative research centre (SFB-TRR) 195 “Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application” in Germany coordinated by Gunter Malle.

Amongst other things, the network helps mobility of researchers in representation theory and its applications between France, UK and Germany, and supports representation theory conferences and workshops where French, British and German colleagues will meet. Note that the current network has a strong emphasis on applications of representation theory.

For requesting funding towards a network activity, either as participant or as organiser, use the following rough guide.

If you work in the UK and the activity is based in France or Germany, then:

If you work in France and would like to get support for an event at a UK institution, then:

If you work in Germany and would like to get support for an event at a UK institution, then:

NB: Please contact us before making any committments.

Workshops and Conferences supported by the network

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