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Risk & Rationalities

29-31 March 2007
Queens' College, Cambridge
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Conference Programme
Streams Programme(Subject to revision)
Streams Abstracts

(Please note there may inevitably be some amendments to streams programme)

How people identify and manage risks and uncertainties are central concerns in the policy and social sciences. These issues are becoming more pressing as a result of social, economic and political changes and of developments in theory. Different approaches draw on different rationalities, stressing the importance of rational action, of culture, of emotions and affect, of everyday cognitive heuristics, of intuition and of the role of trust.

Conference streams will include:
- The dynamics of risk: change and development in risk rationales
- Approaches to risk in different disciplines: rational actors, psychometrics and cultural values
- Government and responses to risk
- Varying rationalities in the management and regulation of risk
- The advantages and limitations of heuristics
- Affect and emotion in explaining risk responses
- Trust and risk
- Rationales of power, conduct and resistance
- General stream
Full papers to be put on the conference website will be required by Friday 19th January 2007.

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Guidelines for papers

Please note poster presentations are welcome.

We intend to publish a volume based on the conference and will be considering papers for inclusion.