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Streams Programme: Risk and Rationalities Conference
29th - 31 March 2007

REF: A - Armitage Room, B - Fitzpatrick Hall, C - Bowett Room, D- Angevin Room

29 March
11.00 -12.30

Social Inequality
Moral Considerations
and Values

The individualisation of risk: An analysis of intergenerational perspectives on the labour market


Dr. Line Nyhagen Predelli and Dr. Noel Smith
Centre for Research in Social Policy
Loughborough University

Risk, Ritual, and Trust: An Institutionalisation Framework

Frens Kroeger
Doctoral Candidate in Sociology
University of Cambridge, Corpus Christi

I've Got You under My Skin: Rationalities, Risks and Subdermal RFID

Carol Neuman,Research Coordinator
PDCL Project Manager
Faculty of Communication and Culture

Gender, Risk and Law in Pension Decision-Making

Mary Condon
Associate Professor
Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto


Differences in risk perceptions among different groups in society and the impact of basic values and experiences of vulnerability

Anna Olofsson Susanna Öhman and Saman Rashid
Mid Sweden University
Department of Social Sciences


Stated trust and revealed trust in risk communicators: Does divergence occur and, if so, when?

Nigel Harvey, Matt Twyman and Clare Harries
University College London

Risk, individualisation and the governance of masculinity in a popular lifestyle magazine.

Dr. Paul Crawshaw, School of Health and Social Care, University of Teesside, UK.



Trust beyond risk:The leap of faith



Guido Möllering
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Germany

Public Understandings of Risk and Regulation (changed from 'Regulating Risk in the Financial Services'

Peter Lunt
Dept of Sociology, Brunel University

14.00 -15.30
Social Inequality

Investigating cultural responses to risk: The influence of faith and/or sexuality

Deborah Quilgars and Anwen Jones,
Centre for Housing Policy, University of York
David Abbott,
Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Bristol

Context-awareness, emotional tensions and operational risk perception

Alexandros-Andreas Kyrtsis
Associate Professor of Sociology
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
University of Athens

Coping with Risks in Low-Trust Situations:
On the Effectiveness of Risk-Buffering Institutions
in Eastern and Western Europe


Georg P. Mueller,University of Fribourg, Dept. of Social Science, Switzerland

The winner takes it all?
Individualised risks and the search for security

Tuula Helne
The Social Insurance Institution, Finland

Governmentality and social resources - potential impact for disabled people


Jörgen Sparf PhD student, Sociology
Mid Sweden University

Containing communities: a psychoanalytic perspective on the governance of sexual offenders

Jessica Evans
Department of Sociology
The Open University

Welfare state, social capital and protection against risks

Robert Hagfors Chief Economist The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
Jouko Kajanoja Chief of Social Research The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Is there life beyond population health?


Niamh Stephenson, University of New South Wales

Towards an Understanding of Bureaucratic Compliance with Equality Statute and Provisions: ideology, sentiment & rationality in the implementation of Equality Mainstreaming.

Eithne McLaughlin, Chair of Social Policy The Queen's University of Belfast

Taking others' feelings into account: Facial expressions and their interpersonal effects during decision-making

Brian Parkinson and Gwenda Simons
University of Oxford, Department of Experimental Psychology

Rational Calculation and Trust: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Emerging Credit Card Markets in Socialist and Post-Socialist and Developing Societies

Akos Rona-Tas, University of California, San Diego

15.30 - 16.00 Poster Presentation - Bar Conservatory
Risk Communication
Risk Management
Risk and Insurance

Technology in risk communication: opportunities and limits

David Domingo and Enric Castelló
Communication Unit, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain)



Risk affect and emotion

Jens Zinn, University of Kent

Risk and Cultural Investment

Roy Boyne,
School of Applied Social Sciences
Durham University

Selling security in private health insurance in Chile

Jose Ossandon
Goldsmiths College, University of London

Information and Risk Management.
Why Consumers Do not Comply with Regulators' Expectations?

Sandrine Blanchemanche*
INRA, Paris, France
Stéphan Marette
National Institute of Agronomical Research, Paris,
Jutta Roosen
University of Kiel, Germany
Philippe Verger
INRA, Paris

Responses to risk in social welfare and the denial of emotion


Dr Joanne Warner
University of Kent

Regulating Risk Regulation: How the Court of Justice ensures the European Community responds to both popular and scientific voices

Joseph Corkin
European University Institute, Florence Middlesex University Business School

Balancing between threats and opportunities
The promotion of private insurance in Finland 1945-1990

Dr Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen
Helsinki University Collegium for Advanced Studies
Mr Jyri Liukko
Department of Social Policy

30 March
11.30 - 13.00
Risk Communication and Responses
Social Care/Work

Mobile Phone Masts, Social Rationalities and Risk: Negotiating Lay Perspectives on Technological Hazards

Dr Jeremy Collins
Senior Lecturer
Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design
London Metropolitan University

Risk and Adult Social Care: What does the research evidence tell us?

Dr Wendy Mitchell and Professor Caroline Glendinning
Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, UK

Welfare State Reforms and the Logic of Rational Action


Peter Taylor-Gooby
University of Kent

Risk in dual-earner and
working lone parent households:
parents' and young people's perceptions

Sophie Sarre, London School of Economics

We'll deal with it when it happens!' - social identity, self-realisation and household risk mitigation

Tim Harries
University of Middlesex

Families "at risk" and the Nurse-Family Partnership:
the intrusion of risk into social exclusion policy

Dr. Anneliese Dodds
Department of Government and
Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation London School of Economics

The difficulties for chemical companies and public administrations in Spain to define risks. The case of the petrochemical plants of Tarragona

Josep Espluga (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)Arantxa Capdevila (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
Josep Fernández-Cavia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Impact of medical rationalities and risk on lay people diagnosed with Hypertension or when meaning is at risk

Michelle Proulx, Faculté de pharmacie, Université de Montréal.
Johanne Collin, Faculté de pharmacie, Université de Montréal.

Pedagogical risk and governmentality:Shanty towns in Argentina in the 21st Century

Dra. Silvia M. Grinberg
UNPA & UNSAM Argentina

Risk, uncertainty and knowledge: The case of health care

Andy Alaszewski, Patrick Brown
Centre for Health services Studies
University of Kent

Irrational Risk Behaviour?: Exploring Belief in the 'Urban Legend' of Drug Rape

Adam Burgess and Sarah Moore
University of Kent

Risk Discourses
Risk Perception


Expert rationalities of GM: non-GM equivalents, similar risks and different capabilities

Dr Kevin Burchell
London School of Economics



An integration of sociological risk theories explaining the nuclear risk perception in Lithuania

Aiste Balžekiene
Department of Sociology Faculty of Social Sciences Kaunas University of Technology



14.30 - 15.00
Coping with Disaster

BSE and Food Safety Regulation: A Comparison of UK and German Approaches

Matthias Beck, Professor of Public Sector Management
Department of Management Studies University of York
Dr Darinka Asenova
Lecturer, Decision Analysis and Risk Subject Group
Caledonian Business School Glasgow Caledonian University


Complexities of sexual health risk management in the 'older' population


Dr Denise Kirkland University of Winchester, Prof Roger Ingham University of Southampton





15.00 - 15.30 Poster Presentation - Bar Conservatory
15.30 - 16.30
Organisations and Risk
Organisational Risk Management
Risk Perception

Rare Events, Uncertainty and Organization: Framing and Theories of Action in the Perceived Threats from Terrorism

Dr Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor & Professor David Wilson
Warwick Business School
University of Warwick

Formal and Informal Safety Management: The Importance of Ethnographic Research for Safety Surveys

Peter Mascini annis Bacharias Ibtissam Abaaziz
Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Factors influencing the framing of probabilistic risk information


Damien J. Williams and Jan M. Noyes
University of Bristol

Framing risk perceptions in a safety-critical and hazardous work: the case of railway maintenance

Johan M. Sanne
Dept of Technology and Social Change
Linköping University

Beyond institutional Dualisms of Chemical risk towards an integral communicative policy

Jordi Farré and Jan Gonzalo
Communication Unit, Universitat Rovira I Virgili
Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain)

The hazards of helping:
Work, mission and risk in non-profit social service organizations

Kosny, A.1 & Eakin, J. M.2
1. Institute for Work & Health,
2. Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada

Revisiting the Rationality of the Fear of Crime


Jonathan Jackson1, Stephen Farrall2 & Emily Gray2
Affiliation: 1London School of Economics; 2Keele University

On the Alert in an Unpredictable Environment


Dr. Deborah Golden and Prof. Ofra Mayseless
Faculty of Education
University of Haifa

31 March
09.10 - 10.40
Institutional Management of Illness
Risk Discourses

Communicating risk: An Exploration into the Transmission of Risk-discourses in pregnancy.

Dr. Dawn Jones
School of Health & Applied Social Science
Liverpool Hope University College

Innovation, Crisis and Governmentality in the Portuguese Footwear Industry

Richard Nunes
PhD Candidate, The Bartlett School
of Planning, University College London

Rethinking Risk:
Aspiration as Pure Risk

Greg B Davies
Department of Psychology
University College London

"They'll think I'm mad!": Managing the risk of social exposure as a voice-hearer.

Dr Julie Kirby
Edge Hill University


How Do You Measure a Virtual Object?’
Assessing the Risk of Releasing Offenders with Mental Health Problems

Bob Heyman and Jacqueline Davies
City University

Reporting Risk Rationally: How the UK press cover Genetic Research


Kitzinger Jenny, Emma Hughes
School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University

Beneficial Risk Increases

Holger Rosencrantz and Till Grüne-Yanoff
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

Gender Talking Risk: Discourse, Epistemic Subjectivity
and Threat

Karen Henwood, School of Social
Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Karen Parkhill, School of Psychology,
Cardiff University
Nick Pidgeon, School of Psychology,
Cardiff University


The Sensitivity of Subjective Probability to Time and Elicitation Method.

Mehta Judith
Centre for the Economic and Behavioural Analysis of Risk and Decision
University of East Anglia
Loomes Graham
Department of Economics
University of East Anglia


Contributed Papers:
Risk analysis for construction and operation of gas pipeline projects in Pakistan
Sajjad Mubin
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department,
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
State University of Oil and Gas,