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Culture and the Canada - U.S. border


Theorising the Canada-US Border 15-16 May, 2015


Friday, 15th May

8.30-9.30 a breakfast of pastries will be provided at the Reid Hall conference room

9.15 – WELCOME and introductions

9.30-11  - Being across the Border:

JENNIFER ANDREWS – Synchronicity in Constructions of Mourning and Grief: Tracing American Projections of Grief across the Forty-Ninth Parallel
MANINA JONES – Detecting from the Nation’s Edge: Canada-US Crime Fiction
KELLY HEWSON & LEE EASTON – Unsettling the Settled: Theorising Canada-US Border Pedagogy

11-11.30 coffee

11.30-1.00 – Border Communities:

MAXINE VANDE VAARST – "We Are More than the Border”: American Exclave Communities and the Novelty of Liminal Space in Point Roberts, Washington
MUNROE EAGLES – “Who Speaks for the Border and Borderland Residents?”
PIERRE-ALEXANDRE BEYLIER – Comparing Twin Cities Along the Mexico/US Border with Twin Cities Along the Canada/US Border

1-2 LUNCH (provided)

2.00-3.30 - Sites of Crossing:

VINCENT MANZAROLLE – Logistical Media and the Interface of Empire: Theoretical Considerations on the History and Development of the Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing
EFRAT ARBEL & BENJAMIN GOOLD – Not so Exceptional? Understanding the Canada-U.S. Border as a Place of Law
JANEY DODD & DEANNA FONG – Performing the 49th Parallel: Affect, Embodiment and Transculturation in Post-war Performance Art

3.30-4 coffee

4-5.30 - Literature and Race:

ZALFA FEGHALI – “The Right to the Border”: Writing Spatial Justice into Border Studies
GILLIAN ROBERTS – Border Hypotheses: Speculations on Territory and Sovereignty in Wayde Compton’s The Outer Harbour
TANIS MACDONALD – “A people of the dash”: Wayde Compton’s 49th Parallel Psalm as borderblur elegy


Saturday, 16th May

8.30-9.30 breakfast, Reid Hall

9.30-11 - Indigeneity:

DAVID STIRRUP – On Refusal: the (Re)Turn to Theory in Native North American Studies
CHRIS LALONDE – Continental Liberty, Natural Reason, Survivance
TERENCE KUMPF – Tearing It Up: Transcultural, Transethnic, and Trans*aesthetic Potential in the Music of A Tribe Called Red

11-11.30 coffee

11.30-1 - Bodies and Border Crossings:

GALE COSKAN-JOHNSON – Performing Disagreement: The US, Canada, and UN Deliberation Over the Naming of the Migrant Worker
JEFFREY ORR – Objects of Shame: Invisibility, Embodiment, and Border Security
TYLER MORGENSTERN – A Pressurized State: Atmospheric Bordering in Contemporary Canada

1-2 LUNCH (provided)

2-3.30- Writing/riding the line

ASTRID FELLNER – “The North/South Border Zone”: Transhemispheric Visions of the Border
EVELYN MAYER – Theoretical ‘Line Dancing’: Im/Mobility in the Changing Canada-US Borderlands
BÄRBEL SCHLIMBACH – Negotiating Identity Constructions from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

3.30-4 coffee

4-5.30 – ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION:- Caleb Bailey, Zalfa Feghali, Jennifer Andrews, Munroe Eagles

A wine reception will immediately follow the roundtable