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Culture and the Canada - U.S. border

Events Archive


15th-16th May 2015

Theorising the Canada-US Border || Paris symposium

19th-20th September 2014

Aesthetics and Poetics || Calgary workshop

20th-22nd June 2014

Cultural Crossings: Production, Consumption and Reception across the Canada-US Border || Second international conference, University of Nottingham

31st May 2014

Security, Immigration, and the Cultures of the Canada-US Border || Niagara Falls workshop

24th-26th May 2013

Straddling Boundaries: Hemispherism, Cultural Identity and Indigeneity || First international conference, Algoma University

18th September 2012

Indigeneity, Hemispherism and the Arts || London Workshop

In 2009, prior to the formal establishment of the network, the University of Kent hosted a Culture and the Canada-US Border conference. More details about this conference, including the programme and abstracts, are available here.