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Culture and the Canada - U.S. border

London Workshop

Indigeneity, Hemispherism & the Arts

Tuesday September 18 2012
conversation at the ccusb workshop

The inaugural CCUSB workshop featured presentations and discussion from Dylan Robinson (Royal Holloway), Padraig Kirwan (Goldsmiths), James Mackay (European University of Cyprus), and Catherine Bates (Huddersfield University). These talks looked at aspects of Indigenous culture and politics relating to the Canada-US border.

The event took place at Senate House in London.

Padraig Kirwan: 'Sovereign/Power': The Exigencies of Nationalism, Sovereignty and Separatism in Modern America." Read Padraig Kirwan's follow-up post on the CCUSB blog.

Catherine Bates: Thing theory, waste studies and indigenous culture in Canada and the US: can mutually productive connections be made?

Dylan Robinson:"What Utopia Feels Like": Hope and its Foreclosure in Indigenous Music

James Mackay: Sovereignty, Lacrosse and Border Anomalies: The Significance of the Haudenosaunee Passport



For this event, CCUSB joined forces with the Native Studies Research Network, whose bi-annual collquium was held the following day. This event showcased the latest research and work-in-progress of network members from across the UK, and included presentations from:

John Wills (Kent): “Playing the Indian: The Arcade Western and New Frontier Avatars”

Reeta Humalajoki (Durham): “Debates Surrounding United States Native American Termination Policy in the Domestic and Native Spheres, 1950-1970”

Gareth Clayton (independent scholar): “Adaptation and Re-articulation: WSÁNEĆ First Nation Cedar Carving Amidst Territorial Restriction”

Maureen Speller (Kent): Contact and Resistance: Finding Theory at the Kitchen Table